Studies conducted by scientists and physicians have proven the positive impact of yoga on health in diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, asthma, diabetes, and many other chronic diseases, as well as stress, decreased performance and decline in vitality.

10 reasons to start doing yoga:

1. Formation of a strong muscular corset. The practice of yoga leads to the tone of the muscles of the neck, shoulder girdle, there is a conscious removal of blocks and clamps, which can also arise from stress too.

2. Slimness. Yoga classes with the aim of gaining a slender, toned figure is an excellent solution that will suit everyone, the main thing is not to overdo it. They have a positive effect on blood circulation and blood oxygen saturation, so that calories burn faster.

3. Healthy spine. Most asanas work to stretch the spine, and during their performance, the intervertebral space is saturated with a special fluid, thanks to which the vertebral discs do not wear out.

4. Improving the work of internal organs. Performing exercises helps to saturate the cells of the body with oxygen and improve blood circulation, as a result, the work of all organs improves.

5. Strengthening immunity. Yoga and meditation help improve overall health and strengthen the body’s own defenses.

6. Emotional control. It has been proven that negative emotions accumulated over time provoke the formation of blocks and clamps in our body. Regular classes help to get rid of the formed shackles, improve mood and give positive emotions.

7. Refusal of bad habits. People exercising 2-3 times a week begin to take a more responsible attitude to their bodies, take care of their health, appreciate well-being and life in general. Therefore, it is easy to get rid of bad habits.

8. Good sleep at night and cheerfulness during the day. Regular yoga classes help eliminate problems such as insomnia. A person falls asleep faster, sleeps more soundly, he needs less time to fully relax. After class, you feel cheerfulness and tone throughout the day.

9. Self-confidence. Performing complex exercises helps to overcome the inner fear of the unknown, while making the body obedient, flexible and light. Together, this has a positive effect on self-confidence and self-confidence.

10. Concentration of attention. When performing asanas, the yogi concentrates on his own body, breathing, discards unnecessary thoughts and emotions. Exercises teach awareness of one’s own «I» here and now, help to understand the significance of every moment of existence.

Yoga and meditation classes are more efficient and effective if special props are used. These include mats, cushions and bolsters, as well as chairs, wooden blocks, coasters, etc. Through the use of auxiliary props, a yogi can hold the body in a certain asana for a longer time.

The Brahma universal yoga pillow from Smart Textile performs several tasks at the same time: it is both a meditation pillow and a bolster. «Brahma» is ideal for opening the thoracic spine, and also as a prop for all kinds of backbends.
A pillow is necessary when performing seated asanas. Suitable for people leading a healthy lifestyle, practicing yoga and meditation. To engage in such a pillow is comfortable and convenient.

Props «Brahma» — solid, thanks to the filling of buckwheat husks. This will help to raise the hips in a sitting position to find a comfortable body position during meditation, relax the back and easily keep it straight for a long time. The pillow will lift the hips and upper body, comfortably position the legs so that they do not become numb when sitting for a long time.
The husk also has an additional beneficial effect: a light micro-massage for the body. Also, buckwheat bioenergy has a beneficial effect on the body: the husk has the shape of a tetrahedron (pyramid), which is ideal for energy accumulation.
The bolster consists of two covers: an inner one made of teak and an outer one made of matting, which makes it possible to always keep the pillow clean when used on the floor. The pillow is one size fits all.


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