Delicate silk, translucent chiffon and colored leather… — designers have a new favorite this spring. Soft and cozy corduroy, which you can wrap yourself in like a warm blanket and go to conquer the world. Despite the fact that this textured fabric has clear associations with retro style, it looks unusual and bold in almost any incarnation. Take this trend into service and apply it to your wardrobe.

Flare jeans, tie tops and tribal print dresses: this season, in search of inspiration for new collections, many designers have decided to return to the 70s of the last century, and along with other things from that era, textured corduroy shirts are back in fashion. In the past, this material was considered exclusively masculine and was used for tailoring suits, but the courage to correct this injustice was taken by actress and style icon Jane Birkin, who began wearing it both in everyday life and on the red carpet, inspiring women around the world to experiment.

You can wear a corduroy shirt in other ways: together with turtlenecks, plain t-shirts, knitted bras, crop tops, or simply put on a naked body, unbuttoning a few buttons and focusing on the neck with multilayer chains.


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