We continue the series of publications from our skin care expert, certified face fitness trainer Olga Kabuzan. Today Olga will tell you how to provide complete face and neck skin care in just five minutes a day.

Another day is over. Behind a bunch of redone things: work, study, meetings, cleaning, children, cooking, watching your favorite series and much, much more … And tomorrow everything is all over again. Where do you get time to take care of yourself when there is not even an extra twenty minutes to lie quietly with a mask on your face?

The task is not the easiest, but you don’t want to put up with a feeling of dryness or oily sheen, uneven complexion or swelling.

Fortunately, you can deal with all these phenomena in just five minutes a day, as long as they are daily. Record the time!

We do not need a whole battery of jars and tubes in the bathroom to look our best: just four products will be enough for a complete skin care before going to bed.

1. Cleanser

— suitable for your skin type, namely: washing gel, foam, cream, hydrophilic oil, ubtan. Of all this variety, it is worth choosing, of course, one. But! Just not soap! No bars, no liquid, no cream soap, let alone baby soap! The composition of the soap is too aggressive for the delicate skin of the face and neck; it literally destroys the protective hydrolipidic layer, drying it out with regular use.

2. Tonic

After cleansing, the pH balance of the skin should be restored. Tonic, thermal water and hydrosol do an excellent job with this task; they soften the surface of the skin and prepare it for the application of the following skin care products. Believe me, no matter how superfluous this remedy may seem at first glance, as soon as you add it to your daily care, you will immediately feel how your skin condition improves.

3. Serum

Usually contains more active ingredients and a lighter texture than a cream (this allows the serum to be better absorbed). Serum can even temporarily act as an independent remedy, as an alternative to cream. But still, its main task is to prepare the skin for applying the cream, to make the cream work better, not roll, completely absorbed.

There are many serums: brightening, regenerating, moisturizing, matting, and so on; It is important to choose according to your skin type.

All serums are applied in courses from three weeks to one and a half months, depending on your age:

— from 20 to 25 years — three weeks;

— from 25 to 40 years — one month;

— from 40 years and older — one and a half months.

After the end of the course, you should give the skin a rest for one month.

4. Face cream

The main function of the cream is protective. A cream with a good composition prevents the evaporation of moisture from the surface of the skin, and also retains all the dust and dirt that settles on the face during the day.

The cream should be selected strictly for your skin type: it can be oily, dry, problematic, combination, normal.

There are two types of creams: day and night. For evening care, we choose night care. As a rule, it differs from the day one in a denser texture and is applied in a thin layer. Its task is to promote regenerative processes in the skin at night. Sometimes the night cream can be changed to night leave-in cream masks.

Everything! Only four products, and sometimes even three (minus serum, during periods of rest) — they are enough to effectively care for the skin of the face and neck.

How long will it take to apply each remedy?

Let’s count.

1. Cleansing — 1-2 minutes. By the way, why don’t we combine the useful with the useful? We do a soap massage — everyone can do it for themselves, easily and quickly.

What is the effect of soap massage:

— improves blood circulation and lymph flow;

— removes swelling;

— Evens out skin tone.

Video instruction:

2. Toning — 30 seconds. Apply toner to a cotton pad, wipe face and neck. It is very important to remember about the neck in general: it needs the same care as the face. You can simply spray the spray on yourself.

3. Serum and cream — 2 more minutes. I recommend applying them with light smooth movements along the main massage lines:

— along the neck from the bottom up, from the clavicles to the lower jaw;

— along the cheeks and cheekbones, from the central part of the face to the ears;

— around the eyes, from the heads of the eyebrows — to the outer corners of the eyes, and then to the inner ones;

— along the back of the nose, from the tip to the eyebrows;

— on the forehead, from the eyebrows to the hairline, as well as in a zigzag;

— we complete the application of the cream by stroking from the center of the forehead to the temples, further down past the tragus of the ears (these are small cartilaginous protrusions in the middle of the auricles — WB.Motivator) to the angles of the lower jaw. And, finally, from the lower jaw along the lateral surfaces of the neck to the collarbones.

Got five minutes? I counted four and a half.

Try this scheme tonight, I’m sure you’ll love it!

Useful Reminders

5 face and neck care products;

Facial massage schemes.

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