The beauty of hair is an indicator of health. Girls and women with beautiful, shiny hair feel more confident and prettier. It is necessary to take care and take care of hair always and at any age. Today we offer to find out what you don’t need to do so as not to damage your hair and keep it healthy for a long time.

Mistake number 1. Wash your hair in hot water.

Mistake number 2. Do not comb wet hair.

Never brush wet hair. Wait until the strands are at least 80% dry. An exception to this rule is possible if you use a special brush with soft silicone teeth for easy combing.

Mistake number 3. Dry your hair immediately with a hairdryer.

When the hair is still wet, it is very brittle. The first thing you need to dry, you can even say blot, is a towel, that is, you don’t need to immediately dry your wet hair with a hairdryer.

Mistake number 4. Dry your hair with a regular towel.

Ordinary towels do not absorb moisture well, so to dry your hair, you start rubbing the towel through your hair. This can harm and lead to hair loss. In the modern world, everything has long been invented for us and for us. Special microfiber towels absorb moisture in minutes. They suck water out of hair. You do not need to rub your head with a towel, blotting movements — and that’s it. After 5-7 minutes, most of the hair becomes dry. And such hair can already be dried with a hairdryer. We will add microfiber towels to the selection under the article, this is the thing that every girl needs.

Mistake number 5. The monotony of hairstyles.

If you do the same hairstyle every day, for example, a ponytail, then know that your hair is very thinner because it is overtightened, so it is better to alternate styling methods. To do this, we have prepared for you a variety of hair clips and hair bands that will help you alternate hairstyles with each other.

Beautiful and well-groomed hair is the pride of every woman. To keep them healthy, first of all, pay attention to the mistakes that you may have made. This will be the first step towards beautiful, shiny, healthy hair!


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