What is this witch and where does she live

Winnie and her cat Wilbur are the characters in the Abracadabra series of books. The series is incredibly popular in the world — it has been translated into 30 languages, and the number of its fans has exceeded 9 million! In Russia, the series is published by the editors of Willy Winky. What is special about these books?

Imagine Pippi Longstocking. Dress her in magical outfits, give her a magic wand and a black cat, put on a couple of hundred years and add some magic. Ready! Here is Winnie, a mischievous and kind witch with a lot of ideas on how to live in the world cheerfully and brightly.

Yes, sometimes she is too noisy, too active and super uncomfortable for others. But she definitely has a lot to learn, because what Winnie knows best is to remain himself in any circumstances.

Winnie’s lessons

Let’s look at a few books about the witch to understand why children adore them, and what benefits they have for adults.

one. You are good and so am I..

The main thing that is in the books about Winnie and Wilbur is the idea of ​​kindness and cooperation. This message is cultivated in children from 4-5 years old when they pick up picture books about a witch. In these picturebooks (from English picturebook — picture book) a sea of ​​colorful illustrations, detailed drawings and funny fragments. In collections of 6-8 stories that teach the child to interact with others for the benefit of himself and his opponent. These communication lessons are incredibly important, they lay the foundation for a child’s communication with the world.

Take a look at Winnie the Witch’s Fun Adventures and Winnie the Witch’s Antics with your baby, both of you will like them.

2. Idea is the engine of progress.

The next thing that parents can take note of is the value of the creative component in a child’s life. Children are delighted with Winnie’s ideas, her non-standard solutions and inventions. They feel in her a close friend who shares their desire to be a little naughty. For parents, this is an opportunity to strengthen the trusting relationship with the child. Create, invent and support the baby in his desire to go beyond the ordinary. Sometimes become a child yourself, as, for example, Winnie in the book «Winnie the Witch and the Bad Aunt» or «Winnie the Witch and the Giant’s Holiday.» These books have more text and are suitable for readers ages 6 and up.

winnie 2


3. Cause time, fun hour.

Winnie is always careful not to harm herself or others, and if something happens through negligence, she makes every effort to bring the situation back under control. She is also very responsive and always ready to help. For example, in the book Winnie the Witch and the Magic Garden, she hosts schoolchildren in her house, despite the fact that she does not really like noisy guests. The witch goes to meet the request of the teacher and does everything in her power to ensure that the visit of the children goes smoothly. With a child of 6-8 years old, it is appropriate to talk about responsibility and compliance with the rules.



four. Never give up.

Does Vinnie have failures? Of course, like all of us. Sometimes things really go wrong. But Winnie is not upset: if instead of triumph, she becomes a source of laughter, then this is not at all bad. Self-irony and optimism — that’s what the witch teaches children. By her example, the child understands that even an absurd situation can benefit. For example, the ability not to be shy, look for non-standard solutions and keep the presence of mind. Worthy skills in our provocateur world, agree! An example is the book «Winnie the Witch and her new cat», where our heroine had to break her head properly so that everyone was satisfied.


Books about Winnie are lessons not only for children, but also for adults. And if she teaches the first to remain themselves and look at the world positively, then the second — to accept their children without losing spiritual contact with them.


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