Linen clothing in the wardrobe of a modern woman emphasizes her taste and desire to take care of her health. Now linen clothing is back on the crest of a wave of popularity. Fashion houses, and then the textile industry, turned their attention to it again. Collections are offered for different tastes, colors, sizes, designed for the catwalk, going out, as a summer basic outfit and home wear.

The Pudozhanka hooded dress was created for women in love with LINEN.

1. Qualitative characteristics of linen fabric.

Good air permeability; protects from sun rays; does not cause allergic reactions; not susceptible to the development of bacteria; perfectly absorbs moisture from the surface of the skin; dries quickly; resistant to stretching and wear.

2. Free summer dress style.
The linen dress does not hinder movements due to the A-line slightly expanding towards the bottom and small side slits.

3. The presence of a voluminous hood.
Spacious high yoke-type collar at the front, turning into a hood, will appeal to fashionistas. It is also very practical and convenient, as in hot weather you can hide from the sun.

4. The dress is eye-catching.
The original dress model in noble linen fabric will not leave anyone indifferent.

5. Limited batches of tailoring each new dress color.
The hooded dress is produced in small limited editions.

6. Invented, designed and sewn dress in Russia.

A linen dress with a hood can be attributed to the perfect summer clothing. If you wear it with heels, then it will be feminine and elegant, and with sneakers in it you can walk with friends in the summer both in the city and in nature. This linen dress will definitely be the pearl of a woman’s summer wardrobe.


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