Recently (and especially during quarantine!) a lot of gadgets and knick-knacks have entered the house. But the unsung hero of this year must have been the candle extinguisher. This is a gadget that you did not suspect that you needed it in life. But this royal candle accessory is a must, whether you’re a candle fanatic or a first time buyer (hello and welcome to the club!).

Here are the top 3 reasons why blowing out a candle at dusk or licking your fingers to extinguish it is a bad idea…

1. Blowing out candles produces smoke before the candle is completely extinguished… Blowing out candles on a birthday cake — yes! But blowing out your beautiful and fragrant ones leaves a thick smoky smell — which, frankly, makes it pointless to buy a scented candle.

2. Blowing out the candles can also blow the wax out of the jar or, worse, onto the table and damage the furniture.

3. Lick your fingers and put out (yes, we’ve all done it!) — in addition to the obvious fact of a potential burn, this can lead to damage to the wick in the next fire.

In addition, extinguishers are the perfect accessory when you have candles that are in hard-to-reach places, such as fireplace mantel ledges or wall sconces. In addition, they also eliminate the chance of wax and grime getting on walls or other unwanted surfaces when blown.


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