Literally, “checklist” is translated as “check / checklist”. As a rule, this is a list of items that are checked next to — when one or another will be completed. It is so easy to keep track of what has already been done and how much remains to be done.

Checklists are very effective in any field of activity.

Nowadays, they have become popular, interesting and are an integral part of any process. Learning, interesting pastime or useful tasks can all be turned into a checklist. A properly compiled list will help to put everything on the shelves, not to miss the main thing.

We offer not an ordinary checklist containing a set of actions, but a motivational one:

you decide which day or time to assign for the implementation of each item;

the checklist contains clear actions that help to complete each task;

on the back of the checklist there is an instruction on how to use it;

each item explains why it is useful to do a particular action.

For example, it is very difficult to force yourself to go through your wardrobe. But this will not be so scary to do when we clearly allocate time for this. And after we finish, we can thank ourselves for the work done with something tasty from the gift box.

We have created a motivational checklist directly for the gift set of eco-products. This boxing consists exclusively of healthy products that contain many vitamins and microelements and will not damage the figure. It is ideal for the fulfillment of the desire: «I want to lose weight by the summer» or «I want to give up sweets and go in for sports.» Or you find it difficult to get your son or daughter off the phone a little or start keeping track of their finances. Offer it to them in the form of a gift and contribute to the fulfillment of their cherished desire.

Take care of your loved ones — give them a useful gift with meaning!


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