You can learn a lot of interesting things about the school from books. For some, studying is a difficult process, but for some it comes easily. Each of the heroes of the books in our selection follows their own unique path, but they all have one thing in common — studying at school. Sit back, because you will not find such cool books about school life anymore.

«Matilda», Roald Dahl

Little Matilda is amazingly talented. Yes, she has superpowers! The only pity is that the parents, Mrs. and Mr. Amanita, do not understand this at all. And they are not interested, absorbed in their own affairs. Poor Matilda finds salvation from loneliness in books, and discovers a big wonderful world. Which will help the girl meet a real friend — the sweet and kind teacher Miss Laskin, and Matilda herself! one! with your own hands! — will save her, as it should be in a real novel, from the harmful headmistress Miss Tarrambach.

And at the same time myself and all the other first-graders.

A cult book for everyone who is interested in the question «they don’t read!». They are reading. You just need to offer the right books. Well, in fact, books have always helped to find each other for those who, as they say, are of the same blood.

“How I influenced Sevka”, Geomar Kulikov

Kostya Gorokhov and Sevka Mymrikov are classmates. And if the first is an exemplary student and an excellent student, then the second is an inveterate varmint and a loser. Imagine Kostya’s surprise when he was offered to pull up a friend in his studies. However, he could not refuse, because the whole class is watching his actions, including the most wonderful girl in the world, Ira Zimina! In the book you will find many funny and funny episodes, as well as subtle humor. But most importantly, you will learn about what true friendship and mutual assistance are.

«Bad Girl at School» by Enid Blyton

An instructive book about a spoiled, obnoxious girl by Elizabeth Allen. The parents decide to send her to a boarding school, hoping that there their daughter will take the path of correction. No matter how! Elizabeth decides by all means to make sure that she is expelled. She begins to foul, be rude, do not follow the rules of the school. However, she did not take into account the fact that the school was not quite ordinary …

It is in this school that Elizabeth finds friends and reveals the best features of her character.

School history. About desks, pens and notebooks, Elena Litvyak

It is interesting to know how they studied in Ancient Egypt and Greece? Then this book is a must read. Surely, you will be surprised that a hundred years ago there were no diaries, and two hundred years ago no one thought to collect a briefcase. Many new and sometimes even so surprising things happened in the educational process of former times. We are sure you will not be able to put down this book.

«Bruce’s Goats Go to School» by Bjorn Rörvik

The Bruce goat series is one of the most popular in Norway. In this part, the goats do not go to the meadows, but go to school — to study! A lot of adventures and funny incidents await them, because the school is a completely new world where everything is possible! Another reason why you should read this book is the illustrations by artist Gru Moursun. They are real, hooligan and make the book truly hilarious!


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