Buying cosmetics is always fun! Checked: choosing beautiful blushes, radiant highlighters, and finding the most unique shades of shadows will increase endorphins. But even in such a pleasant process, you have to “break” your head … How to choose the very “own” shade? Order an already familiar and proven product or try something new? What cosmetics from an unfamiliar brand will I definitely like?

Sample packs from Kristall Minerals will answer these questions! In this article, we will explain why they deserve your attention.

What you need: 2 sets with universal shades for each girl

Probably every girl has a whole set of cosmetics that did not suit her. There is a “yellow” tone, and a “brick” bronzer, and a sculptor that leaves gray stripes.

In order not to replenish the ranks of unsuccessful purchases with new jars, pay attention to sample packs. Kristall Minerals has released 2 sets, which are identical in composition, but different shades of products: darker and more saturated in the Beige set for warm Jasmine, and less bright, light shades in Light Biege for the beautiful Snow Whites.

Each set includes all the products for daily makeup: 2 shades of foundation (to hit the mark), concealer, blush, bronzer and highlighter.

Such a set will cover all the needs for a full-fledged cosmetic bag. And the volume of products is enough to conduct a real test drive of mineral cosmetics and fall in love! By the way, all shades of the products are permanent bestsellers of the brand!

100% natural: absolutely pure ingredients

If you have sensitive or problematic skin, you know how difficult it is to choose color cosmetics: there is always a risk of redness, aggravation of acne or allergies.

We made sure that with Kristall Minerals you forget about it.

Mineral makeup is the safest type of color cosmetics. It does not contain alcohol, artificial colors, parabens and talc — these components most often cause allergies and exacerbate skin problems.

Kristall Minerals products contain only purified ground minerals and inorganic pigments. Such cosmetics not only mask imperfections, but also help fight skin imperfections. For example, our mineral foundations and concealers contain zinc oxide, which not only evens out skin tone, masking imperfections, but also has anti-inflammatory properties — it gently dries pimples.

Just WOW for such a price — 800 rubles per set!

The price issue is an edge in many purchases: no one wants to spend 1,500-2,000 rubles on a product that may not be as cool as in advertising.

In this matter, the victory is again on the side of the sample pack. After all, when you get a whole set of funds for the cost of one full-size one, it’s not at all scary if something doesn’t fit.

The Biege and Light Biege sets are not only a well-thought-out and profitable purchase, but also a great chance to get acquainted with new cosmetics! We hope this article has helped you understand all the benefits of Kristall Minerals sample packs!


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