A rare thing can be compared with a vest in its versatility and versatility for creating designer sets and compositions of women’s outfits. The desire to remain fashionable and stylish, using a minimum of resources and accessories, is easily achieved with the help of a vest, which has proven itself as a useful, extraordinary and trendy element of a woman’s wardrobe.

The abundance and variety of styles and shades will provide a spectacular addition to any look, whether it be evening dress, office and business style, street style or casual casual.
The podiums of the winter-spring collections 2021 were filled with variations with a variety of role-playing of the vest and examples of actual combinations of it with other types of clothing.
The latest trends and fashion trends of the outgoing and coming seasons are full of an enthusiastic call to stock up on your own vest for any occasion: it remains only to make a choice.

Types of vests and their features

Representatives of the fashion industry have tried to find a vest for every fashion connoisseur to suit her individual taste and needs, which fits perfectly into her style of dressing and choosing a wardrobe.
There is no shortage of choice, but in order to create your own fashionable bow using a vest, you should familiarize yourself with its main types and features of the correct combination.

1. A knitted vest is at the peak of fame and popularity among other hits and fashion trends of the season, winning the sympathy of lovers of comfort, coziness, tenderness and sensuality. This look will allow you to stay warm and exude femininity and charm at the same time. With the right combination, a knitted vest can create a very aesthetic, well-groomed and lyrical look for any occasion. Coarse knit vests will look charming with trousers, shirts and knitwear sets.
2. If you want peppercorns, a certain severity and showiness, then a leather vest, like other leather products, will perfectly cope with this task. He has been on the catwalk for the last couple of seasons and adds showiness and attractiveness to the outfits.
3. Lovers of business and office dress code will like suit vests that add elegance and aristocratic sophistication to the look.
4. Denim vests are a little off trend, but combined with overalls, long dresses or wide denim pants, they will look very fresh and interesting.
5. Ultra-light vests are a versatile item that must be in a woman’s wardrobe!

Secrets of successful design solutions using a vest

How, after all, to wear a vest in order to emphasize the beauty and grace?
There are a number of tips that will help a fashionista create an up-to-date and attractive concept by combining a vest and other elements of a women’s wardrobe.
• Proper selection of length is already half of a successful outfit. Long models of vests are best combined with trousers of a strict cut or skinny ones, and short ones will look good with voluminous jeans or short skirts. It is also important to take into account the correspondence of one’s own length with the length of the vest: tall women can afford to wear knee-length vests, but petite and short girls should choose short vests.
• Wide, long collars, pockets and flaps are also suitable for girls of average height, as well as ladies with a small bust size.
• Fitted or V-shaped vests are ideal for slimming and narrow hips.
• In cold weather, many prefer vests with fur or leather trim, but the main thing here is to keep the right proportions. Under such a vest, things should not be dense or voluminous and it is better to dress in one color.
• With a vest, it is better to stick to minimalism and not to burden the image with jewelry. The emphasis should be on its tones and color palette.
Given these nuances, a tailor-made vest will be a brilliant addition to an impeccable look.


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