The expectation of summer, with its warmth, bright sun and refreshing sea waves, is familiar to everyone. We make plans, look forward to vacations and travels, often forgetting that in addition to new emotions and adventures, climate change and just the heat in the city are real tests for our skin.

  • How to minimize the harmful effects of summer and get the most out of the best season of the year?

The first «summer» problem, which we all face is dryness and tightness of the skin. Evaporation of moisture accelerates, and air conditioners at work, heat and not the cleanest outdoor air catalyze this process, and your cream will no longer maintain the desired level of moisture in the dermis.

Fortunately, there are many means to combat these phenomena, and today we will talk about a simple, but very effective solution. Add thermal water to your care!

  • What are the advantages of MDECO Thermal Water?

Thermal water is artesian water from deep wells, rich in trace elements and mineral salts (up to 15 species), occurring in the bowels of the earth. It comes to the surface at a fairly high temperature and in its composition is even richer than the healing mineral. Iron, iodine, sodium and potassium are a few of the beneficial substances in its rich chemical composition.

This tool solves several problems at once, we will start with moisturizing. Restores level hydrationdue to its composition penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates turgorfast refreshes. We advise you to apply it and how final makeup step before going outside.

  • The skin became unpleasantly bleakstew and inflammation began?

In the heat, sebum production is more active and pollution from the air is attracted to your face like a magnet. Clogged pores turn into blackheads, then inflammation and acne, anaerobic bacteria develop faster and all lead to irritated and inflamed skin.

The advantages of thermal water in that she Natureal and soft, it doesn’t break natural Ph level and delicately penetrates into the dermis.

Active zinc and manganese in the composition of thermal water will help to normalize the production sebaceous secretion and put away oily sheen. For oily and combination skin, an additional ingredient will be sea ​​salthow antibacterial component, it will not only remove the existing ones, but also prevent rashes in future.

  • We all love to sunbathe.

Photoaging is not yet the most familiar word for many, and in vain. Any tan is not good for the skin. Always use sunscreen if you don’t want to get spots and wrinkles.

But if you still managed to get sunburnhere you also thermal water will help. Use it after your tanning session. She is soothes the skin and relieves the unpleasant feeling of tightness, reduces redness and pain.

Additionally, AquaMDECO thermal water is added Panthenolhe helps regeneration skin and heals microdamages.

  • How to use thermal water correctly?

You can put it on in the morning on cleansed skin under your favorite cream. Spray at a distance of 20-30 cm from the face, excess can be removed by blotting with a napkin.

At work use it throughout the day over makeupthermal water will not spoil it, and you will instantly feel the effect.

If you don’t wear make-up in the summer, just spray the mist on your face. after sun exposure. In addition, thermal water can be used for the preparation of masks and home care.

Carefully monitor the condition of the skin in the summer, follow the simple recommendations and your skin will definitely go into autumn in its best condition.


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