As children get older, they ask more and more difficult questions. And not only to their parents, but also to themselves. Issues of self-esteem, one’s place in the world, the justice and injustice of life, self-confidence, moral choice — with the onset of the age of 11-14, yesterday’s children are overwhelmed by a whole gamut of feelings and emotions. And teenagers are not always ready to look for answers from their elders — after all, it is at this age that a child goes through the stage of denying any authorities. How to help a future boy or girl deal with everything that worries? The editors of Wonder Books publishing house AST publishes books that will help answer questions of interest and more.

Actual and modern foreign stories in the genre of fantasy, mysticism, thriller, adventure, in which the main characters — the same age as the readers — face extraordinary circumstances, the mystery of which they have to solve. Readers liked many books of the editors so much that they received their continuation. Let’s take a closer look at some of them, published in the Best Fantasy for Kids series.

Cycle «Ideal City»

Mysterious dystopias «Something Wrong in Ideal City» and «Uninvited Guests in Ideal City» translated into 11 languages!

The first book tells about young Violet, who does not like the city of Ideal, where she moved. Why do all residents have to wear special glasses to see at least something? What strange sounds are heard over the city at night? What happened to her mother and where did her father disappear to? Violet begins her own investigation, but doesn’t know what she’ll get herself into…

After liberating the city of Ideal from tyranny, in the book «Intruders in the City of Ideal» Violet faces new challenges. Her best friend Boy disappeared somewhere, and real zombies appeared in the city …

What the books will teach: these stories about a smart and courageous girl will help teenagers cope with “otherness” and loneliness, show how important sincere support and empathy are, teach them to stand up for their truth and do what their heart tells them to do.

The theme of friendship runs like a red thread through the plots of all these stories. After all, even from the most confusing and difficult situations, friends help the heroes get out. It is relationships with peers that become especially important for a child’s sense of self at the age of 10-14 — which means that these books will resonate in the soul of every reader.

Cycle «City of Children»

“Level 4.1. City of Children is the first book in a series of computer thrillers for children aged 8-12 from the popular German writer and screenwriter Andreas Schlüter.

What happens if all adults disappear?

Kids City is a new computer game that Ben and his best friend Frank are trying to complete, but suddenly… The game freezes. And along with it, it seems, the real world begins to freeze, because all the adults disappear somewhere! Ben finds out that it’s not the adults that have disappeared — it’s all the kids under fifteen that have ended up in the game.

The holiday of disobedience does not last long — in order to move from level to level, children must learn to act together and make adult decisions. And in the second book of the cycle — “Level 4.2. City of Children” – the city became the arena of struggle between the king of children and the head of a gang of armed robbers. And there is also the danger of becoming a controlled character and following the orders of the player!

What the books will teach: Behind the form of a fascinating story about computer reality lies a thoughtful story about growing up and the first lessons of independence. Readers will understand how important it is to build harmonious relationships with other people, that you need to be able to take responsibility for your every decision, and how valuable true friendship is.

Cycle «Winter House»

Riddles, secrets, mysticism — these books have everything that teenagers love so much! In the first book, The Secret of the Winter House Hotel, Elizabeth spends her holidays in a luxurious hotel. It turns out that this house is full of secrets, especially… a huge library. There, she finds an old puzzle book that will reveal the secret of the owner of Norbridge and his sinister family. By the will of fate, Elizabeth is the only one who can remove the curse from the Winter House, but at what cost?

The second book — «Strange Things at the Winter House Hotel» — again returns the reader to the mysterious hotel. Elizabeth and her best friend Freddie are back at the Winter House for the New Year holidays. This place has become even more unknown! Moreover, other guests also joined the game — Lana Whisper with a strange grandmother and Rodney Powter with arrogant parents. And the mystical power of Elizabeth becomes more powerful and seems to beckon her to the side of evil…

What the books will teach: These mystical stories will help teens gain confidence in themselves and their talents, even if others do not believe in their abilities. In addition, the cycle will show that even from the most difficult situation, you can always find a way out if you look at the problem from an unexpected angle.


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