The most popular and sold model of a child seat in the office furniture hypermarket Express Office. Bureaucrat CH-W797 is designed for students of different heights and ages. Textbooks on the table will change, jeans will become short, and the CH-W797 will invariably decorate your child’s workplace.

Colors and upholstery: manufacturers have tried on diversity and provided you with as many as 10 color options to choose from: classic — black, brown, blue, red; bright — light green, orange, blue; with a print for creative guys — giraffes, abstractions and cacti.

The fabric is mesh — the most breathable material possible. We will immediately debunk the main fears about him:

  • The back of the child will not be blown. We remember physics: we dress warmly, we sweat, we go out into the wind, it’s ready — we were through. Here, due to constant ventilation, the back will not sweat, and therefore the air flows from the open window are not terrible.
  • Washing the mesh is as easy as shelling pears: we prepare a good old soapy solution or buy a tube of special detergent for cleaning chairs, apply foam with a sponge, wipe the foam dunes with a dry towel, and wash off the residue with a damp cloth.
  • The mesh fabric is pleasant to the touch, you can sit at home in this chair in any outfit or even without an outfit.

Mechanism: Manufacturers of the child seat Bureaucrat CH-W797 tried to please both the child and the parents. For the rider, a spring-screw swing mechanism is installed, i.e. You can swing, but without fixing in different positions. For parents, the plus of such a mechanism is its cost! It seems that the joy of a rocking chair is also a child, and there is no need to overpay for more complex mechanisms.

Just don’t swing very dynamically))

Thanks to the gas lift, the chair will grow with the child. The height adjustment range is large enough, even parents can sit comfortably in it.

Frame: Non-monolithic. This means that the chair is disassembled and transported in a compact box. Thanks to this factor, the cost of storage and delivery is reduced, which means that the price can be kept democratic.

The frame is made of plastic. Manufacturers have laid down the strength with a margin for a very large child — as much as 120 kg! Another green light to borrow a child’s seat occasionally.

White plastic, by the way, is not often found in office chairs. If you’re fed up with boring black options, freshen up your nursery with Bureaucrat CH-W797.

Headrest, armrests, support: Do not underestimate the transparent and weightless back of the chair. It is reliably protected by a lumbar support in the form of a rounded plastic frame. The back assumes the correct position and at the same time breathes freely.

In moments of high thoughts, the armrests will take the load off the arms and shoulders. Look aesthetically pleasing and minimalist. Made from soft touch plastic.

Most child seats do not have a head restraint. provided for several hours of sitting — homework, a little sims and racing, while mom does not see. If the story is about you, then the CH-W797 is the right model.

If you want to provide a growing spine with more serious support, then take a closer look at a more expensive model. For example, the South Korean child seat Synif Inno Health. It is completely ergonomic, has many adjustments and will not give the slightest chance of scoliosis growing back.

Cross and wheels: all made of white plastic in the color of the frame.

More important points: guarantee for Bureaucrat CH-W797 2 years; the weight of the chair is only 10.5 kg.


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