It is difficult to predict at what point the contractions will begin. It can happen at any time of the day and anywhere. Even if you prepare for a specific date, various unforeseen circumstances may occur. A pre-prepared bag to the hospital will help save time on fees. Your disturbing suitcase will consist of the most necessary things for the first time. It should be divided into sets for prenatal and postnatal department. Therefore, ask in advance for a list of things for these branches.

I am preparing for childbirth, what should I do?

Parenthood is a happy and responsible process. If you are giving birth for the first time, preparing for the birth of a child will be accompanied by anxiety and stress. There will be many questions and shopping lists. The house will gradually be replenished with new things that will help prepare for the arrival of the baby. To relieve the degree of panic and anxiety, it is worthwhile to prepare in advance the things that you take with you to childbirth. So where to start:

  • Ask for a list of items to bring with you. Yes, there are many such collections on the Internet, but the rules in clinics are different. What is allowed in one hospital may not be allowed in another.
  • Find out if you need to buy things yourself or they will be given upon admission. Specify what exactly will be in the set, you may still have to buy something.
  • If someone close to you gave birth in the same clinic, talk to them. Perhaps the experience of relatives will help to calm down a little and figure out how everything will go.
  • Take care of personal things that will provide comfort. If there are chronic diseases, put appropriate medicines. After writing a list of things, ask if it will be possible to take them with you.
  • When the entire list is ready, go to stores and pharmacies. If you wish, arrange everything online and order delivery.
  • Perform a final check against the list. When everything is ready, distribute things into bags.

When all the bags are ready, collect them all in one place. You can put everything in one suitcase or bag so that you don’t lose sight of anything. Sign them so that your loved ones can navigate and bring exactly what you need urgently.

What does a maternity bag look like?

Prepare a transparent bag. It meets the rules of sanitary standards and will not become a source of bacteria. It can be washed if desired and reused. A significant advantage of such a bag is its transparency. The maternity hospital will require a lot of things that you will be hard to find in a hurry. And in such a bag, its contents will be in plain sight, which will allow you to quickly get the right thing. The transparent maternity hospital bag is sold in sets or separately. The quantity is up to you. Even separating things into three different bags, inside they can also be organized into small transparent cosmetic bags or bags. It will be convenient for storing hygiene kits or underwear.

How many bags do you need for the hospital?

In total, you need to prepare three bags. It is better to divide one of them into two additional packages, which will be useful before and after childbirth.

A bag for Mother

The documents. Buy a file folder or in the form of an envelope where you put: a passport, an exchange card, a policy, a birth certificate, an agreement (if the birth is paid), husband’s documents (if the birth is partner).

Hygiene products: toothbrush, soap, shampoo, shaving machine, toilet paper, wet and dry wipes, rubber bands and hairbrush, shampoo, washcloth.

Comfortable clothing: bathrobes, short-sleeved shirts, washable slippers and towels (bring a few). Slippers must be rubber. They not only meet the requirements of SanPiN, but will also be comfortable.

Underwear: cotton underwear that will be comfortable while in the hospital and additionally take disposable options, a nursing bra.

Bandage and compression stockings if CS is planned.

Optional: charger, still water 0.5 l, hygienic lipstick for moisturizing lips, bags for dirty clothes and nipple cream. Bring natural-based pads with you, two packs should be enough. Breast pads will also provide comfort. You may feel anxious and stressed during your stay in the hospital. To calm down a little and prepare for caring for a child, take thematic literature. It will help you learn a little more about raising a child and prepare for parenthood.

Baby bag

Diapers, including disposable. 5-10 pieces will be enough.

Diapers in a large package.

Clothing: bonnets, socks or booties, diapers, warm clothing for the season, undershirts, scratches. Prepare several sets of clothes, preferably 3-4 pieces. You will need to change your clothes often because they will get dirty quickly.

Extras: wet wipes, blanket, breast pump (if necessary), unscented baby care products (liquid soap, baby cream). Therefore, prepare everything in advance when you collect the first two bags. It is important to think about your own clothes and what the child will be wearing after discharge.

Bag for mom and baby

Mom’s clothes. Your body will not recover in a few days, so take loose clothes that will be comfortable. If you wore a certain size before giving birth, after this stage you will need clothes a little larger. You can take something from the things for pregnant women. Prefer sports or knitted options. Pick up comfortable shoes and outerwear in advance.

Clothes for a child. It is worth taking care of outerwear. If you gave birth in the summer, an envelope or blanket will most likely be enough. And the child will have a bodysuit, overalls or rompers. Prepare a cap and scratches. If you are afraid that the child will freeze, put aside thin or warm socks. Dress your child appropriately for the weather so they don’t get cold, but they don’t get too hot.

Additionally, take care of the presence of a car seat marked «0+». You can also tidy up for a photo as a keepsake. Get your hair done, put on some makeup, and ask your husband to dress up for the party.

Why does the hospital need so many things?

Items such as underwear, clothes and shoes are selected independently. Yes, sometimes they are issued on the spot. But toilet paper and disposable diapers raise questions. The fact is that such things can be issued in limited quantities or not at all. And it is better to take care of some of the nuances after childbirth on your own. For example, about bleeding. So that your bed does not get dirty, prepare disposable diapers and pads. Also take disposable panties that will not need to be washed. Since you will be changing your clothes and your child’s clothes, dirty laundry will have to be stored somewhere. Set aside a few bags for him so that you can wash everything at home later. You will need wet and dry wipes to maintain hygiene. It is better to have your own, so that you can ensure the cleanliness of the child immediately on the spot. How to correctly calculate the number of things? The time spent in the hospital depends on your condition. Sometimes it is 3-5 days, and sometimes more. It’s best not to take too many things at once. Just in case, you can put them at home so that they can bring them to you later. The child will have to prepare one set of clothes for each day. It will often get dirty, so put 3-4 pieces of each item with you to change your baby. You can also take a few shirts and a couple of bathrobes for yourself. So it will be more convenient to undergo procedures and go to the maternity ward. If you are sitting on a thematic forum, remember that each situation and conditions are individual. What was useful to others may be superfluous for you. In the process of preparing for childbirth, from time to time there is anxiety associated with the fact that you might forget something. Pay attention to the items on this list so you don’t miss anything.

What else would you put in an emergency suitcase?


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