An arch support is a bulge on the insole in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe inner arch of the foot. Needed — to support the leg in the correct condition so that the foot does not fall inward.
It is important to note that the arch support, depending on its hardness, has several purposes.

Solid arch support — can be made of plastic or other material. Used in professional orthopedic shoes. Only a doctor can recommend this type of supinator! Most often, it is needed for children with already diagnosed flat feet. Solid instep support — helps the foot to be in the correct position, simulating the arch of the foot, which is absent in flat feet, thereby helping to properly distribute the load.

Anatomical shoes use a soft arch support. Its purpose is to provide good cushioning and distribute the load to prevent flat feet and other diseases.

When choosing shoes with an arch support, it is important to choose the right size so that the bulge fits exactly into the arch of the foot!

The final recommendation when choosing shoes can only be given by your orthopedic doctor!

In the photo, shoes of the IRIDIS brand, with a soft arch support. The brand uses only genuine leather. Inside, the models are trimmed with calfskin, which is also good for the health of children’s feet.


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