Only good parents can raise good children. Is it so? How to determine which parents can actually be called such?

Many future mothers and fathers believe that they will be good if they master special methods of education, study a lot of literature. Undoubtedly, knowledge of psychology and pedagogy is needed, but theory alone will not be enough. But now think about whether those parents will be good who will raise their children without a doubt in confidence in their rightness, in a full understanding of what is really needed for the child and what is not? For example, helping homeless children is much more important than a new toy for your own baby. After all, there are no other people’s children, especially if they need help.

Now think about the correctness of the behavior of those parents who always doubt, constantly think, get lost when their child behaves in a new way. Such parents can punish their kid for something, and then think: we were or were not right. They worry about not having authority over children. Then they begin to fear about their future. Of course, the wrong parents will not be good.


It turns out that you need to look for some kind of ideal?

But, most likely, in the process of raising children, it is impossible to find some kind of absolute norm. There can be mistakes, failures and doubts in the work of parents. After all, the process of education is also life, in which, as you know, there are many contradictions. Just as every parent is unique, so is their relationship with their children.

Parents do not have to be perfect in everything, to know the answers to any questions. They must instill in their child the desire for independent searches. Love and harmony in the family is able to raise emotionally healthy children!

One universal requirement for upbringing can be called constant contact with the child. It is through the care of parents that children can feel love and understanding. You need to have an interest in what is happening in your child’s life. Then you can help him in something and avert any bad consequences. But of course, you don’t need to get into the soul. When contacting a child, you need to take into account his age and personality. It is worth building an educational dialogue with him on equality and taking into account that children should also fully participate in family life.

It is probably right to call good parents those who throughout their lives build a dialogue with their children, share their experience and knowledge, learn and learn something new with the child.

And it is always worth remembering that there are no ideals for everyone.


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