Are you sure you know everything about yourself? All the facets of sensations, the depth of your sensuality? Are you sure you know what kind of pleasure you can experience? We think it’s time to check. With a new device from CHIT.STORE — the Hummingbird vacuum vibrator — it becomes absolutely real. Sex toy will allow you to know yourself better, to know the boundlessness of your pleasure.

A hummingbird dildo is suitable for every girl. If you want to relax after a hard day at work, relieve tension, forget about stress or just let off steam — the new vibrator with a vacuum effect will easily help with this. Non-contact stimulation of the clitoris combines vacuum stimulation and wave pulsation. The effect can be compared with oral sex, although ….. The effect of the Hummingbird vibrating massager is millions of times better. In addition to clitoral stimulation, the toy for adults is also distinguished by the possibility of vaginal stimulation. You get an unlimited number of chances to experience the most vivid orgasm in your life.

Due to the intense stimulation, the dildo will allow you to reach orgasm in just a minute. But, if you want to extend the pleasure, just press the button. The vibrator has 3 vacuum modes and 10 vibration modes. You will be able to choose exactly what suits you, which will allow you to better know yourself and your feelings.

The vacuum-wave stimulator is made of soft-touch silicone approved by gynecologists, which is 100% safe for you and your health. And its moisture resistance opens up an additional flight of fancy: use it anywhere and how you want. We are against any restrictions, especially when it comes to your pleasure. That is why the G-spot vibrator has an anatomical shape, has incredible flexibility. Yes, you can do whatever you want with it.

By the way, the dimensions of the vaginal vibrator will also give you extra room for ideas. The most compact dildo: length — 14 cm, diameter — 4.2 cm — will allow you to have pleasure always at hand. With this vibrator in travel format, you can travel anytime, anywhere. By the way, due to the silent operation of the vibrator, no one will guess what you are doing.

Let’s analyze in more detail what you will get if you place an order in CHIT.STORE:
— compact, comfortable, quiet vacuum-wave stimulator with the possibility of clitoral and vaginal stimulation;
-USB — charging, you can charge the vibrator from any portable charger or laptop;
— instructions for using the stimulator. Especially for you on our website there is an instruction for using the dildo in Russian. You only need to follow the QR code.

Anonymity and intimacy are more important in adult products than anywhere else. Therefore, we guarantee you: no one will guess what is inside your package. The black impervious package, the absence of identification marks about the contents of the box — everything to keep your personal life private.

Stop postponing pleasure, follow the link and order a multifunctional vibrator that will forever change your idea of ​​pleasure.

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