It’s no secret that the relationship between a man and a woman needs constant emotional «feeding». At the very beginning, this is a candy-bouquet period, when small surprises and gifts play their role, in marriage — care and attention, travel and planning for the future, with the birth of a child — help and mutual assistance. Of course, we are not always in a state of love euphoria, because in life we ​​encounter a lot of everyday problems that can eventually extinguish the flame of passion.

How to bring romance and passion back into a relationship?

arrange small surprises for each other — these can be spontaneous trips, dinners in unusual places, dates outside the home, “like before”, when you were not yet parents, but just a couple in love;

Show care and attention, rest more often;

create a romantic atmosphere at home — it can be new fragrances, taking a bath, a delicious dinner, or just a leisurely evening together (for working moms and dads whose evenings are filled with household chores and lessons, this can be a truly unusual pastime together!).

SIBERINA offers to add a touch of spice to ordinary everyday life with the help of such an interesting product as aroma candles with aphrodisiacs. They will fill the house with a pleasant twilight and bright aromas that will help create a special mood for two, disconnect from worries, relax and tune in to a romantic mood. Aphrodisiacs are natural essential oils that help improve mood, add self-confidence, stimulate passion and sensuality.

Aroma candles from SIBERINA with aphrodisiacs — these are interesting and inspiring combinations of essential oils, safe composition and eco-friendly packaging. Each candle is packaged in a stylish glass jar with a lid for safety and easy reuse. Light a candle before a romantic dinner or intimate foreplay to create a special charm and atmosphere.

Try scented candles with natural essential oils and choose your favorite scent:

Aroma candle with aphrodisiacs «Grapefruit and ginger» contains essential oils of orange, ginger, grapefruit and neroli. Such a cocktail of aromas will warm you on an autumn or winter evening, help relieve fatigue and relax. Citrus notes are intertwined with tart ginger and delicate neroli, creating an atmosphere of comfort, mystery and passion.

Aroma candle with aphrodisiacs «Rose and ylang-ylang» has a delicate and at the same time bright floral aroma, helps to restore harmony and relieve tension. Formulated with essential oils of ylang ylang, palmorose, geranium, tart clove and rose, this exhilarating and captivating fragrance awakens the senses and the imagination.

Aroma candle with aphrodisiacs «Neroli and Jasmine» has a heady and warm aroma, sets up for romantic adventures. As part of the essential oils of jasmine and neroli — they «warm up» sensuality, passion and desire in a relationship.

Aphrodisiac Aroma Candle is a great gift choice for you and your partner or close friends. Each candle is handmade, beautifully packaged, free of dyes and preservatives, and a pleasure to use for a long time. Thanks to the base of natural soy wax, the candle is safe for health, does not smoke or smoke when burned — there will be no unpleasant smell from it, and your romantic evening will not be overshadowed by a headache or other unpleasant sensations. Only the two of you and the gentle twilight enveloping you in a fragrant veil — let these moments be remembered for a long time …

Choose your aroma candle with aphrodisiacs in our catalog and plan an evening that will bring you and your partner a lot of pleasant experiences!


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