Art markers. What is it and why are they needed.

Sketching with markers is a modern and rapidly developing area of ​​drawing. Artists are attracted by the brightness of the colors, the simplicity of the technique and the quick results. Let’s look at what markers are and how markers can be useful to you in translating your ideas.

A set of markers for sketching Touch Cool will suit both beginners and the most demanding artists, decorators, designers.

Alcohol based markers

This is an extensive subspecies, very popular among creative people, because markers on this basis are more resistant to water, they are used on metal, wood and other surfaces. Their possibilities are endless.

The set includes 60 double-sided markers and a zippered pouch for storing them.

Each individual color can be applied in two different ways: on the one hand, the marker has a 6mm beveled poster nib, and on the other hand, a thin millimetric nib, ideal for contouring.

In the palettes of professional sketching markers, there is always a fairly large gradation of warm and cold gray shades that are extremely important for artists and designers. You will never find these colors in a children’s cheaper marker set. This is part of the reason why artists and aspiring sketch illustrators choose professional sketch markers.

There are 60 shades in the Touch Cool markers palette, among which there are pure colors, such as bright yellow or red, as well as halftones of various saturation.

Sketch markers are easy to use

In addition to all the above features of professional sketching markers, there is another important advantage — practicality.

Also, drawing markers are quite convenient in storage and transportation. To go out into the countryside, you do not have to collect a huge sketchbook with a lot of weight. Sketching markers are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for travel and quick sketching.

Summing up, markers will be an excellent purchase for yourself, as well as a wonderful gift for schoolchildren, students, creative individuals of any age. Markers are able to inspire their owner to new creative successes.


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