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I must say right away that the headlights made such an impression on me that I decided to take the time to write an entire article in order to open people’s eyes to quality manufacturers of automotive parts and accessories.

So that you don’t get tired of reading, I’ll briefly and without unnecessary water tell the background: For about 5 years, for a month or two, I changed headlights for my car and ATV from various manufacturers, ranging from little-known to well-publicized ones. Changed, due to the constant failure of absolutely all types of headlights, different power, voltage type and number of LEDs. I went to car services, asked experienced employees — «What could be the reason for the failure of this headlight?», In response, I received approximately similar emotions and answers — «The build quality and the balance of power distribution leave much to be desired.»

Already in desperation, I began to furrow the issuance of wildberry .. How did I get 2 headlight cards in a row from an unknown brand «AT». I decided to go in and see, as it turned out, the card had no reviews and this confused me a lot. I would like to know more about this manufacturer. And we immediately see that the number of goods sold is huge, the speed of delivery on time is almost 100%! And most importantly, the percentage of marriage — just looks like an error.

The seller has caused obvious trust.

I read the description of the manufacturer indicated on the pictures of the goods and directly in the description of the card itself. Everything looks tempting and the price is delicious, trying to order?

That’s exactly what I did. Delivery came in 2 days.

Took the beam immediately, checked already being in the garage. What is nice, the mounts were already included, according to tactile sensations and looked to the eye, in comparison with my previous purchases, very high quality and soundly. I fastened the headlight to the handlebars of the ATV on the mounts that came in the box, everything was quick and without problems.

One year later:

Oh my God… Why didn’t I get this manufacturer 5 years ago? There is no problem, it shines brightly! Of course, it is not suitable for high beam, but I took it as for additional lighting. Soon I will take lighting designed for high beams, by the way, I have already looked at such headlights, the seller also has them.

I really hope that you will not go through such a long journey as mine and make the right decision when choosing a manufacturer of automotive products.

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