“Every newborn child is our chance to change the world for the better,” said Maria Montessori, one of the greatest educators of all time, the founder of the Montessori methodology, and an Italian pediatrician. This is what we must remember every time we interact with our baby.

From birth, the baby strives to become independent, independent in all the variety of skills. The task of any adult is to create the most favorable conditions for the baby to successfully achieve its goal. With each time, with each new level of development, difficulties arise in interacting with the child. The child has his own opinion on everything around, and we, adults and parents, must respect his opinion. But how to be? Are there moments in which we know exactly how to do it right? For example, cutting nails, cutting hair, bathing, etc.

And here we are also right, indeed, there are moments in which we have more experience, there are processes in which it is important to teach the child, to show him the importance of these moments. At the beginning of his journey, a child may not need this, for him every new situation is stressful, for example, bathing, we know that this process is safe, necessary, hygiene is an important part of our life, our baby does not know about it yet, he is afraid, perhaps , this. We, adults, are given a choice, either we treat our child with understanding, look for approaches, or insist on our own, while suppressing the child’s desire for independence.

And this is where we need tools that will help to lure the child into the process, add vivid emotions, and create a situation of security. Each process needs its own tools, a huge variety of them can be invented, and here, too, an individual approach is needed.
I, as a Montessori_Papa, fully adhere to the approach of Maria Montessori, and consider myself a parent who is important to follow the child, supporting his desire for independence, and that is why, having encountered the problem of bathing, I decided to find a way to involve my son in this process, to interest him . And I did it! You can do it too!

Follow your child, look for a different approach, remember — this is the best thing you can do for your child!


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