Hello! In this article, we will discuss with you how to properly pack a bag to the hospital in the emergency and postpartum department, as well as a bag for discharge. A properly assembled bag will provide you with 100% comfort in the hospital.

The bag to the maternity hospital must be collected before the 36th week of pregnancy, because. if you suddenly go into labor so that you do not have to do it urgently at the very last moment.

The first thing we will start with is the bag itself. It is desirable that it be transparent (so it is more convenient to find all the necessary things in it). It is also desirable that the bag be made of PVC (according to SanPiN standards). The size of handbags is selected according to convenience. It can be one large bag, or several smaller bags.

For Mom

Postpartum pads, maximally absorbent (urological pads)
Breast pads (liners)
Disposable panties (please note the size)
Wet toilet paper
Liquid soap
Shampoo and balm conditioner
Shower gel, deodorant
Toothpaste and brush
Disposable razor
Hygienic lipstick (lips often dry during childbirth)
Nipple Cream (Lanolin)
Nightgown (cotton shirt, not long)
Washable slippers (not slates)
nursing bra
Postpartum bandage (according to indications)
Toilet pads
Toilet paper, paper towels
Plastic bags (for dirty linen, garbage, vomit, etc.)
Compression underwear (stockings), if worn before childbirth
Towel (for hands, baby, face, etc.)
Bottled drinking water (sport cap)
Cookies, muesli for a snack
Phone and charger
Socks (HB, 2 pairs)
Moisturizing facial spray
Headphones +-
Eyepatch +-
Absorbent pads 60×90 cm
Bar of chocolate or dates
Crockery (spoon, plate, cup)
Home bathrobe
Shoes (for discharge)
Dress, suit (not tight)
hair dryer

The documents

The passport
CHI policy
Exchange card (with all analyzes and recommendations)
birth certificate
pension certificate
Childbirth contract
VHI policy
Husband’s documents
Copy of sick leave (if employed)
Photocopies of all documents
Clearry Maternity Bags

For baby

Disposable diapers (pampers)
Wet wipes, baby
Disposable diapers
Textile diapers
diaper cream
Baby soap
Cotton swabs with limiter
small toy
bottle with pacifier
Short sleeve bodysuit, socks, hats
Cosmetics (for a photo on an extract)
cotton pads
Shower cap
Shoe covers


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