Choosing a gift is always difficult. Especially when it comes to our children. Nevertheless, you always want to surprise and please the child with a gift. Did you know that in Iceland a child who misbehaves all year can get raw potatoes under the tree. Fortunately, we do not have such customs in our country, and even our favorite «hooligans» always find a long-awaited gift under the tree! How long does it take you to find that gift? Sometimes, it is very difficult to make a choice in favor of a particular gift with a huge assortment. Especially when it comes to gifts for our lovely princesses.

The CAPSLOW brand presents a set for creating bracelets. Just look at this beauty: multi-colored beads with rhinestones, unique charms in the form of butterflies, hearts, flowers and other cute elements, metal pendants made of hypoallergenic alloy in the shape of your favorite unicorns, mermaids, princesses and caramels. In each gift box you will find two gifts: a hair clip with a unicorn and a baby tattoo translator.

This set is also beneficial for young beauties: it develops fantasy and imagination, forms an aesthetic taste, improves fine motor skills and sensory skills, trains memory and vision. Your favorite princesses will be delighted with such a beautiful and useful gift! As the famous English writer John Walcott said: «Every gift, even the smallest one, becomes a great gift if you give it with love.» Keep this in mind when shopping! With care for children, CAPSLOW!


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