100% natural feed additive

Compound: meat and bone meal: 90%, lactobifadol-5%, helavit-5%

View: Beige powder, free-flowing without dense lumps or granules that do not crumble when pressed, with a specific odor.

Packaged in weight portions weighing 500 g

When the family appears puppyIt is important to consider many factors in order to help your pet grow up to be a healthy, strong and happy dog. Complete nutrition not only people need it, but also your four-legged friend. The pet must also receive all the necessary substances: vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. At the same time, the need for them is different for a small and an adult individual. Unfortunately, in the daily diet of an animal, certain components are not always present in the right amount. And the longer this deficiency lasts, the more difficult it is for the immune system to maintain the health of your pet at the proper level.

What to do in this case? How can you help your four-legged friend be healthy, active, properly built and have a gorgeous, shiny coat? Of course, use vitamin and mineral supplements in the diet separately or with natural food. additivesthat will ensure that your pet has received all the necessary vitamins and minerals. But will this be enough? Yes, in some cases it will, but not in all. For example, with heavy training loads, past illnesses, during pregnancy and lactation, or with intensive growth. Also, often the appetite of a pet does not meet its needs for all biologically active substances. So it turns out that we seem to think that our pet gets everything it needs, but in reality this does not happen.

In order for you to be calm about the health of your pet, the BELCOM company has developed a protein-vitamin-mineral supplement that has no analogues — TM BELKOHELP based on meat and bone meal, which contains a large set of essential amino acids, vitamins and some minerals. The microelements included in the TM BELKOHELP additive are in a chelate form, due to which they reach the organs and tissues of the animal’s body faster, without entering into antagonistic interaction with other microelements and nutrients, and, accordingly, are almost completely absorbed. Also, in order to further increase the availability of all biologically active substances and relieve digestive problems, we included in its composition a well-proven Probiotic, consisting of lacto and bifidus bacteria. Made from live bacteria species B. adolescentis and L. acidophilum. Both strains take root well in the intestines of animals, show pronounced antagonism against pathogenic and opportunistic microbes, incl. Escherichia, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Proteus, etc. Synthesize B vitamins, nicotinic and folic acids, biotin, vitamins K and C, amino acids, incl. irreplaceable, the benefits of which cannot be overestimated:

• prevention and treatment of rickets;

• prevention and treatment of hypovitaminosis, dystrophy;
• increased immunity;
• reduction of the period of rehabilitation of the body after past illnesses;
• prevention of stress conditions;
• normalization of metabolism;
• improvement of structure and quality of wool.

• for faster improvement of exterior qualities after childbirth and feeding;

• to improve lactation in lactating bitches, incl. with multiple litters;

• for rapid weight gain and development in puppies;

• for timely change of teeth.

*It is not recommended to give the drug for gastrointestinal disorders and bitches within one week after birth;

*Not recommended for dogs whose diet consists of dry and wet commercial foods

*It is not recommended to combine with other vitamin complexes (fishmeal, meat and bone, BVMD)

*Does not replace a full meal.

Special instructions and measures for personal prevention
With growth retardation, stress, as well as weakened animals, doses can be increased by 1.5-2 times.

Application procedure
Belkohelp is added daily to the main food of dogs of all breeds in the following doses:

Puppies (per 10 kg of weight): Large breeds -1 tablespoon; Medium breeds -2 teaspoons; Small breeds — 1 teaspoon.

Adult dogs (per 10 kg of weight): Large breeds -2 tablespoons; Medium breeds -3 teaspoons; Small breeds — 2 teaspoons.

Pregnant and lactating females (per 10 kg of weight): Large breeds -4 tablespoons; Medium breeds -2 tablespoons; Small breeds — 1 tablespoon.

BELKOHELP expiration date

Shelf life, subject to storage conditions, is 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Storage conditions BELKOHELP

The additive should be stored in clean, well-ventilated, protected from direct sunlight, pest-free grain stocks in rooms at a temperature of 13° to 23°C and a relative humidity of not more than 75%. Do not store the supplement together with products that have a specific odor.


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