Bib — a very important thing for both mother and child in everyday life!

A bib (namely, that’s what we mothers call a bib) can perform several functions: 1. Protects a child’s clothes from stains on clothes. 2. Helps keep her dry. 3. Helps mom save time on laundry and constant changing of baby.

Also, there are many types of bibs: rag, plastic, polyethylene, combined, disposable, silicone. The latter is what I want to talk about.

I must say right away that all types have their pros and cons. But silicone has very important advantages, which I will talk about a little later.

So, a bib is necessary as an additional accessory to teach a child to eat independently. The bib is attached to the baby’s neck and completely protects the baby’s chest. Bibs can be found in a variety of colors, shapes, with and without patterns … And even with your favorite cartoon characters.

My choice fell on silicone bibs. I’ll explain why.

Since baby bibs are used daily, several times a day, they wear out quickly and lose their original appearance. With regards to silicone bibs, then: 1. They do NOT lose color. 2. The smell is NOT absorbed (neither from soap, nor from food). 3. Wear resistance is several times higher! 4. Convenient clasp, fits snugly to the baby’s neck, but does not cause discomfort. 5. There is a special pocket for catching food. 6.Easy to clean! 7. Pleasant to the touch…

And the list is endless…

I’ll tell you about our first acquaintance with the Jaguar silicone bib.

At the time of purchase of the silicone bib, the child was already 1.5 years old. At the first dressing, the child calmly reacted to the new bib and did not try to take it off. After eating, also quickly removed. The first thing I really liked is that the bib does not need to be rinsed, rubbed with soap, dried all day. After feeding, it is quickly rinsed and also dries. Huge plus, no stains!!!

It is necessary to touch, of course, the cons. And they also exist. Not much, but there is.

1. Price. Compared with other types of bibs, the price of silicone bibs is higher.

size 2. You can not guess with the size, because. the clasp on the neck is fixed at a certain length.

As a result, I would like to say that when choosing a silicone bib, you must definitely pay attention to the presence of defects on the product, and the absence of foreign odors. 100% food grade silicone can have NO smell. The product must be washed before the first use. Store in a dry ventilated area.


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