A bicycle without pedals in many countries has become popular among adults and children. This vehicle looks like a bicycle, only there is one distinctive feature — the absence of pedals. This type has many different names — a balance bike, a bicycle scooter, a bicycle run, a bicycle scooter, a runner.

At first, postmen used it to deliver mail and parcels. In the future, cycling began to be used as a vehicle for children from an early age, so that he could feel the speed, as well as easily and simply learn to ride a bicycle.

What is the purpose of a bicycle that does not have pedals?

At first glance, it would seem that cycling is a completely useless tool, but this is not at all the case, this miracle technique allows the child to learn how to manage the balance of his body.

At first, it is very difficult for a kid to pedal, which is why he must first learn to keep his balance, and only after that, he can easily use a real two-wheeled bicycle.

But how to ride this vehicle? Very easy — you just need to sit on the seat, grab the steering wheel with your hands and push off with your feet. Then just raise your legs and roll on a balance bike, trying to keep your balance.

The balance bike has a lot of positive qualities

Comfort. Light weight, on average from 3 to 5 kg, allows you to carry it in the hands of your mother when the child refuses to ride it.

Safety. Even if this vehicle accelerates quickly enough, it is difficult to fall on it, as the child can brake on his own or simply lean on his legs.

Easy to learn. Thanks to the device, the child is able to learn to keep the balance of his body. The balance bike does not have pedals and additional wheels, which allows you to control it more confidently.

satisfaction for the child. From riding a balance bike, the baby gets a lot of pleasant emotions and sensations.

The weight. A light bike will be easy to use for both the child and his parents. On a walk, you will often have to carry it from place to place, so a small weight will be very useful.

What to consider when choosing a balance bike for a child?

To avoid disappointment and unnecessary expenses, you must follow the following instructions.

Make a leg freeze. Before buying a balance bike for your child, you need to measure the baby’s legs and measure the length of the leg with a centimeter — from the foot to the groin, and subtract 2 — 3 cm. From the result, you can calculate the height of the bike seat.

What happens if you make a mistake when choosing? A small balance bike will need to be replaced with one that is larger, which leads to financial costs. If the bike is large, the baby may lose interest in it, as it will be difficult and uncomfortable for him to ride.

Select weight. For ease of movement, you should opt for a light weight model for beginner riders and a heavier one for older children.

Select wheel type. Children’s bike races have different types of wheels. The first is conventional inflated tires. The move is soft. The second type of wheels is foam rubber, they are quite reliable. They allow you to overcome various obstacles on the roads without damaging the wheel. There is one trouble — it’s low depreciation. Because of this, the rider will feel discomfort while riding, as he will feel all the bumps and uneven road surfaces.


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