Thanks to the art of plant breeders, you can get a good harvest even in adverse conditions. Proper care and timely top dressing with high-quality and properly selected fertilizer allows you to do this. Biofungicide 2 in 1 Tomato, 10 g + foliar top dressing, 10 ml will have a good effect on the development of your plants. Thanks to such help, any shrub, root crop or flower will be strong, healthy, and the harvest will be magnificent.

1. Biological fungicide for the prevention and protection against fungal and bacterial diseases on tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. Does not have a negative impact on the environment, does not have phytotoxicity. The use of fishery reservoirs in the sanitary zone is allowed.

2. Special foliar organic top dressing with a complex of humic acids and trace elements. Designed for fertilizing tomatoes, peppers, eggplants during the period of growth and formation of fruits in open ground and protected ground. Allows you to quickly supply plants with minerals and microelements, provides good nutrition for plants, promotes abundant fruiting, increases resistance to diseases.

Preparations are suitable for open and protected ground. Safe for animals, bees, fish.

Biofungicide 2 in 1 Tomato, 10 g + foliar top dressing, 10 ml is an organic fertilizer with a complex of humic acids and microelements. Provides good nutrition, increases the yield of tomatoes, increases resistance to diseases.

Fungicide with microbial inoculum. Protects against fungal and bacterial diseases. Non-toxic, does not affect the environment. The bioadhesive included in the composition ensures tight contact with the plant and increases the effectiveness of the product.

Preparation of working suspension:

Dilute the contents of the package in settled water at room temperature, mix thoroughly and then pour into a sprayer or watering can. Apply at the first signs of illness or as a prophylaxis 2-3 times per season. Use the prepared solution within 2-4 hours. The exposure time is 3-5 days. The period of protective action is 5-15 days. Spraying is carried out in calm weather (at an air temperature of at least + 15 degrees Celsius and a wind speed of 4-5 m / s) in the morning or evening, ensuring uniform wetting of the leaves. Do not apply during the flowering period!

The effect of the application appears after 1-2 days. Waiting period (term of the last processing before harvesting) 2-3 days.

Gardening Tips:

— Spraying of plants should be done early in the morning or after sunset.

— Liquid manure must not be applied undiluted. It is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10.

— Excess nitrogen fertilizer reduces the viability of plants and their resistance to diseases.

— Fertilizers also affect weeds. The choice of bait should be based on what plant you are processing.

— Biofungicide and top dressing 2 in 1 «Garden Recipes» Tomato — a set of two preparations, including:


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