Previously, it seemed that girls avoided black in the spring and summer. However, nowadays everything has changed, and there is literally nothing better than a black top as a base top! All Pinterest is full of black things capsules.

Trending videos on Reels and TikTok and fashion compilations from bloggers attract attention with a lot of black, as a result of which many brands did not keep waiting long for new collections with predominantly black items.

And indeed, it has always been known — the black color slims the silhouette of the female body, and the versatility of this color is amazing, and with the right selection of black things, the wardrobe becomes super relevant and stylish. We have collected information about the relevance of black things from various sources and will try to tell you what is best to wear black now?


Agree, many girls would like to dilute the basic black jacket with extraordinary elements. Undoubtedly, a black plain jacket goes chic with plain t-shirts, tops, dresses, long sleeves and catsuits. But! It is worth giving the jacket a little custom painting or patches, the product instantly becomes unique. For a basic, but at the same time extraordinary jacket for the spring-summer-fall period, we recommend the Falling Angel jacket or the Punk jacket with a chain, where the front is a monochrome base and the back has a custom print of a falling angel.


Dress is the easiest way to choose black in summer. In particular, models with open shoulders, as well as with straps (in our case with slings) are the best allies for summer walks. The main thing is to choose the right fabric. First of all, light fabrics for the summer season should be preferred (for example, cotton or cotton knitwear). Pair it with daring accessories like a colorful scarf in your hair and gold jewelry to further accentuate your tanned skin.


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