On the packaging of sports nutrition, the taste of Blue Raspberry is found, which translates as «blue raspberry». This is an interesting color berry that grows in the USA. In botany it is called Rubus Leucodermis. The fruits of the plant acquire first red, then blue. As it matures, the shade darkens and reaches very dark. But it is blue raspberries that are used in the production of sports nutrition.

Many consumers confuse blue raspberries with blackberries and blueberries. The berries are similar, but there are differences in taste. And if blackberries are added to the composition, then Blackberry is written on the package, and blueberries are Blueberry.

The Blue Raspberry flavor comes in two flavors:

  • Real — the packaging says «natural flavor», and the composition contains real fruits.
  • Artificial — it is indicated that the flavor is artificial, and ordinary raspberries and blue dye are used for identity.

This suggests that Blue Raspberry is an unusual flavor, often a marketing ploy to attract attention. As for nutritional value, the fruits do not contain special vitamins or minerals. Only the color makes them stand out. As for the taste, the blue fruits are as close as possible to ordinary raspberries, so you should not expect a «wow» effect.

Blue raspberry (Blue Raspberry) - what is this taste?


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