Another board game has appeared in the family collection. It’s called Roku. The guys from the GAMES Corporation publishing house, who came up with this short and fun game for companies of any age, gave it such a name because everything is tied to the number 6. And Roku in Japanese just means “six”.

Roku is a simple card board game. Only 70 cards and a die, but there is more than enough excitement and dynamism. Because the fastest, most attentive and arrogant wins. Otherwise, you simply won’t have time to collect as many cards as possible.

The developers position the game as entertainment for 2-4 people. In fact, you can play with more players, but things will get tougher. Even in a four-player game, there is so much dynamism that you have to react instantly. If you gape even for a second, you will definitely lose the next move. Why? I’ll explain now. But first about the components.

There are few components in Roku — a deck of 70 cards, a die, rules, and advertising for other games from the publisher. The cube is normal. The only thing is that it would be possible to make it larger in size, it is not very convenient to grab it before others — it is small. On the other hand, this moment also adds dynamism.

But the cards are very interesting. They depict geometric shapes that form abstract images. There are relatively simple ones, which immediately show how many colors were used to color the elements. There are some with cunning — those on which one color element is made small or thin and not quite noticeable. This is good, because it adds interest to the game — not everyone will notice that the picture is with a trick, which means they will not be able to fulfill the main condition: «the sum of the colors on the cards must be six.»

The point of the whole game in Roku is that players take turns opening cards from the deck and placing them side by side, carefully counting how many colors there are on the open cards. On one card there are from one to three colors (white is not considered a color). If you see that their sum is 6 or more (but so that you can still collect the number 6 from the available cards), you need to grab the die. Then the one who grabs it first will be able to throw it and, depending on the number that has fallen out, take a certain number of cards for themselves: so that the number of points is the same or less.

The rest of the cards left open, the player puts in front of him. What for? They can also be used further to form the number 6. That is, you can miss the cube, and looking at the open cards, move your or your neighbor’s suitable one to them — so that you get the same number 6.

To increase the dynamics in the game, there are also bonus cards. This is a card with the image of the number 6, just a black and just a white card. All of them play their additional role. For example, card 6 is a reason to immediately grab the die. Only then it is necessary to roll exactly 6 on it. The one who does this will receive the card itself and everything else that was open at that moment.

Here are the rules, in a nutshell. It got a little messy. But believe me, after reading the rules from the example box and playing one game, you will understand everything perfectly. And then you start using Roku, for example, in order to have fun on the beach or warm up before a big game of something serious and long. Or just to have fun in a motley company, no matter who gathers in it: boys and girls, adults or pensioners. The game is suitable for everyone.

Just treat Roku calmly and kindly. Because passions boil during the game no worse than when unfolding the box of the unforgettable Munchkin. After all, here you also play against each other, and although you do not set up your neighbors, you strive to get ahead of them in any possible way. This is especially noticeable when more than 2 people play, the two games are relatively calm.

Overall, it’s been a fun game. I strongly recommend trying it.


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