With the onset of heat, one wants to bask in the sun near the pool or a cool pond. But in order for the baby’s swim to be successful, to bring him pleasure and vivid emotions, it is necessary to carefully prepare. Today in our selection of products that will help make swimming for a child comfortable and enjoyable.

Swimsuit for a girl

Any baby wants to be like her mother, and it will no longer be possible to force a child to swim in ordinary panties: girls demand a full-fledged swimsuit! Fortunately, there are a lot of such options and choosing the one that you and your daughter like is very simple.

Swimming trunks for a boy

Future champion — appropriate clothing! For success in swimming, it is important that the baby is comfortable in swimming trunks. Therefore, choose models that do not restrict movement, but completely free options will not work either: you never know, what if your son decides to dive ?!


For girls with long hair — a cap on their heads is a real salvation! However, for boys who like to dive, this accessory will not hurt either. Firstly, thanks to the cap, the water resistance decreases and it is easier for the baby to swim. Secondly, the hair will not get in the way while bathing. And finally, a cap reduces heat transfer and the child will be less cold in water or on land.

rubber ring

An inflatable ring may be needed for children who have already learned to swim a little, but still need support. Choose models with processed seams so that during the bath they do not rub the child’s stomach. The main thing to focus on when choosing a circle is the diameter: for children under three years old — 50 cm, from three to six years old — 51-61 cm, over six years old — more than 61 cm. Remember that when bathing a baby with a circle, it is necessary to keep it in your line of sight at all times.

Fins for swimming

One of the most necessary accessories for swimming is fins. They are designed to ensure that the technique of moving the legs develops correctly. In addition, thanks to swimming with fins, legs are strengthened, endurance and strength are developed, and more muscles are involved.


To protect children’s eyes from water, you can pick up special glasses. Plus, this accessory will help the child see what surrounds him and where he swims while diving. This is very important if the baby is still afraid of depth and water.

And finally, let’s remind you the rules for swimming with children in open water (although we are sure that you already know this!):

  1. Best time for swimming: 8 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 7 pm. The rest of the time the sun is especially active!
  2. Do not leave children unattended in the water. After all, if the baby has just learned to swim, he may at some point get tired and not be able to call for help.
  3. Do not swim in an unfamiliar place or places where there are special signs with inscriptions prohibiting swimming. The water in such reservoirs can be polluted (although it will look completely clean), the bottom is dangerous with snags or cold springs.
  4. Make sure that children do not go swimming immediately after eating. It is necessary that at least 45 minutes pass after the child has eaten.
  5. Do not allow rough games on the water, this can lead to sad consequences!


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