Today we live in a moment when prices for mobile phones are rising day by day, and some models have become completely unaffordable for buyers.

That is why it will not be superfluous to worry in advance about the safety of an existing smartphone and about extending its normal service life by two or even three times.

However, with such an accessory as a shockproof case, the service life of a smartphone may not be limited at all and it will end only after the owner himself considers his phone obsolete.

Why a shockproof case is the perfect smartphone accessory?

Before buying an armored bumper, think about what you need it for. If you intend to use the phone in really extreme conditions, then immediately turn your attention to professional weighted pads with thick walls. If your goal is to work with a smartphone in ordinary urban conditions, then a lightweight shockproof plastic accessory will suit you, which, nevertheless, will provide reliable protection to the electronic device. Unfortunately, the phone is such a fragile product that even a slight blow and just one fall can lead to serious damage.

All this is taken into account when designing special armored cases. Their design is significantly different from conventional decorative overlays.

How does a protective case prevent your phone from breaking?

  1. This bumper is made from a special, more solid materialwhich absorbs impact energy, which is why it practically does not reach the phone itself.
  2. Constructors develop special geometry cover, so that when falling, the blow fell on a less vulnerable area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe body.
  3. As a rule, protective overlays have thickening in certain places: the sides protrude above the camera and the screen by a few millimeters, the case has reinforced corners.
  4. In shockproof case buttons and connectors are usually hidden. Their function is performed by special inserts. This design helps protect these vulnerabilities from dust, dirt, liquids, and other damage.
  5. Plastic protective covers are made from special wear-resistant and heat-resistant material. It does not scratch and keeps a «comfortable» temperature for the smooth operation of your phone’s processor.
  6. Shockproof cases are tested during crash tests. A smartphone in such an accessory remains safe and sound even when dropped from a height of more than three meters.


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