How did we get started?

I needed a lot of physical therapy, the process left me with tired and overworked muscles. Frustrated by the compression of smooth rollers, I developed a better product that would penetrate deep into soft tissues and help flush out lactic acid, removing painful muscle adhesions.

What makes our product unique?

Our products are designed from the ground up. We invest heavily in research and development to rethink the size, materials, construction and density of everything we manufacture. We partner with industry leaders to develop 4K eBook content as companion guides on the correct use and methods for each product.

Why do we love what we do?

Our customer reviews are what makes my day better. We receive many emails from clients describing the problems their bodies are facing and how we have improved their lives and their outlook. It’s nice to know that you’ve had a positive impact on someone, it never gets old.

Product description

The BodyFit Medium Density Hard Core PVC Roller uses patented technology to deliver a therapeutic self-massage comparable to a professional physiotherapist’s massage. 3 Unique massage zones mimic thumbs, fingers and palms so you can get the exact massage you’re looking for. These 3 massage zones help increase blood flow and circulation to problem areas, reducing recovery time and increasing mobility, flexibility and range of motion.

Built to last, our hard core massage roller with EVA tread is made from high quality materials and will not lose shape over time, even with daily use. Its lightweight materials make it easy to transport, and its compact design allows proper focusing of pressure on affected areas.

The perfect addition to any workout

Your NeoFit foam roller heals damaged soft tissue by increasing flexibility and range of motion while reducing pain and soreness. Its compact size allows it to target specific muscle groups and pain points. Increase blood flow and circulation to muscles and soft tissues before and after exercise. Enjoy therapeutic benefits such as reduced injury recovery time and increased mobility. See the same benefits as deep tissue massage — smoothing knots, removing adhesions and trigger points. Beginners and athletes alike experience the same relief from muscle pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, back pain, shin splints, and reduced scar tissue.

Main functions

Patented technology, durable construction and high quality materials combine to create a massage roller of exceptional value. Let 3 unique massage zones deliver a personalized deep tissue massage to your problem areas. Designed specifically to relieve muscle soreness and joint stiffness. 3 massage zones apply pressure of varying degrees of density, stimulating the muscles to release accumulated lactic acid, folds and knots. Uncover the secret of sports therapists in the privacy of your own home. The roll supports all body types while maintaining consistent resistance, allowing you to use your own body weight to control the intensity of the massage. Your NoFit foam roller is easy to clean and even easier to take on the go.

These benefits are not just for athletes

• Reducing pain in muscles and joints

• Relaxes and restores fascia

• Better flexibility, joint mobility and range of motion

• Great for use before and after workouts

• Reduce muscle pain and injury recovery time with regular use

• Prevention of injury and muscle strain

• Penetrates deep into muscle tissue for maximum benefit unlike smooth rollers

• Self-massage to relieve stress and relax after a long day


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