Boiled cotton or washed cotton is a plain weave fabric with a wrinkled effect. The fabric is rubbed with stones using a special technology to give softness and a stylish look. Due to the lightness and good breathability, it dries quickly. The fabric itself is very soft and comfortable. Bed linen made of such fabric does not require an iron, just smooth it with your hands. Ideal for bachelors and busy moms!

Sleeping in boiled cotton bed linen is very comfortable, it is loved by children, teenagers and adults. In general, bed linen made of boiled cotton has been in increasing demand in the last year or two, especially among today’s youth, because, thanks to the creases in the fabric, such a set looks very stylish in the bedroom. And it does not look untidy, and the «wrinkle» of boiled cotton gives a special style and comfort to the bedroom. Washed cotton bed linen looks great both in modern interiors and in country houses, loft-style apartments and / or chalets.

You can buy bed linen made of boiled cotton in the SOMNOLOGINIA store. We have four popular colors: papyrus or light beige, olive, taupe or taupe and graphite. All four shades are very harmoniously combined with each other, which allows you to combine products from sets of different colors and at the same time get even more interesting options for bed sets based on your preferences and interior colors. Bed linen is presented in 4 complete sets: 1.5 sleeping sets; 2 bedroom Euro; Euro Maxi and Family packages. All sets are equipped with pillowcases 50×70 cm in the amount of 2 pieces, duvet covers 150×200, 200×220, 240×220 and 150×200/2 pieces, respectively, and enlarged seamless classic sheets for dressing. The entrance to the duvet cover is located at the bottom of the duvet cover along the entire width of the product, which makes it easier to fill the duvet, and is fastened with coconut wooden buttons.

It is desirable to wash boiled cotton at a temperature of 40 degrees and wring out at 1000 rpm and below. Can be tumble dried on cotton setting, preferably not over-dry. And your bed linen set will delight you for more than one year!

We wish you happy shopping and sweet dreams!


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