Fitness expert bomber and TV presenter Eduard Kanevsky told what is the difference between “classic” chips and protein chips, and why it is better to give preference to protein chips?!

Crisps are potatoes, and potatoes are, first of all, starch — carbohydrates. Any carbohydrates that a person consumes uncontrollably, not taking into account the amount eaten and the subsequent consumption of calories for daily activities, inevitably begin to turn into subcutaneous fat. This mechanism of «utilization» of carbohydrates from the blood is natural in our body.

Also, the composition of ordinary chips includes: potatoes, vegetable oil, natural and identical natural flavoring substances, sugar, flavor and aroma enhancer (monosodium glutamate, sodium guanylate, sodium inosinate), sweetener (aspartame), salt — just a whole chemical factory.

The result of this composition is harmful, high-calorie food, absolutely useless in terms of obtaining vitamins or minerals. Just look at what is written on the package: 100 grams of the product contains 30 grams of fat, 50 grams of carbohydrates, and the calorie content is 510 kilocalories, and only 6 grams of protein. Now add to this that I drink sweet sodas or alcohol with chips. Because of the taste sensations, harm is many times more.

Keep in mind that chips are high in salt, and salt retains water, which is especially harmful for people with high blood pressure, as water retention contributes to high blood pressure.

Well, it turns out, is it better to give up chips altogether? Don’t pamper yourself?

It’s like with sugar or sugary foods. Everyone knows that eating them is harmful, but you still want sweets.

And if you can solve the problem with sweets by giving preference to protein bars, snacks, protein chocolate and so on, is there an alternative to chips? Yes there is!

These are whole grain chips from Bombbar.which have excellent taste properties, at the same time, they contain “long” carbohydrates. They are gradually absorbed into the blood, saturating the body with energy that you will spend within a few hours. At the same time, the carbohydrates themselves are two times less than in potato chips. Bombbar chips contain only 53 grams of fat, and less fatty foods do not burden the gastrointestinal tract!

Well The main bonus of such chips is that they contain more highly digestible protein.what is relevant for people who exercise regularly.

Then the question arises, when is it better to use such chips?

When you want! For example, before strength training or CrossFit training. Whole grain chips will give you energy for hours after eating, which means they are a great pre-workout meal option. It turns out, “two in one”, you both ate delicious and worked out properly.

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In the line of Bombbar protein chips without fat and extra calories you can choose 4 flavors at the moment (one of them is sweet chips without sugar!) — Classic Bacon Paprika, Delicate cheese, Milk Chocolate (sweet chips crackers without sugar) and New: Crab Protein Chips (They have the same taste of Crab!!!).

Why Choose Bombbar Bombbers Protein Chips? Let’s answer quickly and briefly:

1) Bombbar chips are a healthy low-calorie snack without trans fats and harmful flavor enhancers.

2) Bombbar chips are a line called Bombbers, protein whole grain chips

3) Protein chips Bombbar — in the composition of 15% protein (pea protein), the addition of beef collagen, natural spices and cereals (rice and corn grits are used in chips).

4) Protein chips Bombbar Bombbers — help to get a portion of protein if you are on a certain diet, can help you cope with impulses for carbohydrate snacks — replace them and saturate the stomach, replace harmful snacks — you can eat in the evening with Bombbers, you can eat between meals. A pack comes from 150kcal (specify Kcal and BJU on the product card for different tastes). Also in sostvae the lowered level of fats!
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Where can you find fresh and delicious new Bombbers chips?

At the official Bombbar store on Wildberries!

Articles to search for Chips : 57832649 — BACON PAPRIKA; 57832650 — GENTLE CHEESE / 73269826 — CRAB; 57976651 — Milk Chocolate (no sugar)

Sold in packs of 6azu, a nice discount is being made on the kit! They come in an order in a cardboard box, carefully hidden and protected from damage.

PS 🙂

Be sure to check out other low-calorie chips — but no protein! SNAQ FABRIQ Chips low-calorie from the oven! We will talk about them in the next article! They are just as healthy and tasty with the bright flavors of «Sour Cream and Onion» as well as the spicy «Tomato Basil»they are low-calorie and healthy, their taste is more delicate and familiar to everyone, they do not have protein but they are full of fiber and the benefits of cereals!

Items to search :

— Sour Cream Onion Snaq Fabriq Low Calorie Oven Chips — 57829714 Tomato Basil Snaq Fabriq Low Calorie Oven Chips.


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