Today in our selection are different books that each of us is individual and we are all different from each other. Explaining such seemingly simple things is very important, because every day we encounter other people. To make it easier for you to tell your child about this, we advise you to read these books!

Pi Day, Nina Dashevskaya

A difficult person Leo hears the music of numbers and sees the colors of sounds. Oh, how difficult it is for him with ordinary people! But the story itself is revealed much more widely: it is more about how important it is to see not only yourself and hear not only your music. Try to understand each other. Be interested, observe, do not be afraid to speak. And then it turns out that there are people to whom you are important. And that everyone really needs each other. Precisely because they are different. And somewhere here, nearby — happiness.

«Miss Charity» Marie-Aude Murray

Little Charity Tiddler lives on the fourth floor of a London mansion, and it seems that all the goals in the life of a young lady are predetermined. A decent education, singing, dancing, music, drawing, embroidery and a successful marriage. However, at any time, girls are born who have other interests than to successfully marry. Charity is more interested in studying the world and its inhabitants. After all, we are all different from each other and this difference is most interesting.

«The History of the Old Apartment», Alexandra Litvina, Anya Desnitskaya

After graduation, the guys are interested in everything and one of the most unusual desires is to look into the window of some apartment and see how people live there, what kind of things they have and what they are talking about in the kitchen! With the help of this book, such a desire will come true, and how! We will not only learn how one Moscow family lived for a whole hundred years, but also get to know all the neighbors, friends and guests of the Muromtsev family and understand how their life has changed over such a long period of time. This story will be told not only by people — things will share with us everything, everything that they themselves know. So, are you ready for an amazing time travel?

«History of people. My First Humanity Book by Katherine Barr and Steve Williams

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs ruled the world… until one day a meteorite crashed into the Earth. Sunlight could not break through the dust clouds, there was almost no light, the world was plunged into darkness. From that moment on, life has changed. But it has not stopped, on the contrary, it has just begun. The surviving creatures — mammals, were much smaller, and weaker, and more defenseless, but … it was they who eventually became our ancestors.

And it is true: after all, evolution is the ability to adapt!

«Fairytale Girls», The Brothers Grimm, Tangy Greban

A book is the best gift for a daughter, and a set of several classic works, where the heroines become the same age, is almost priceless.

The set consists of three fairy tales about the fates and adventures of fabulous girls. Their lives are different, and the girls themselves are not alike, but it is all the more interesting to follow their difficult fates. All books are decorated with wonderful illustrations by talented contemporary artists, domestic and European.


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