Love is different, but the sensations that it gives are incomparable with anything. Today in our selection of books about parental love, youthful love and self-love. Choose a book to your liking and read with the whole family!

«Wild Dog Dingo, or The Tale of First Love» by Reuben Fraerman

The book tells about the relationship between the girl Tanya, her half-brother Kolya and the Nanai boy Filka in a small northern village. A complex love triangle begins to slowly change guys who are faced with jealousy for the first time, with emotional maturation, with the need to learn how to properly express their feelings. It seems that the story ends very suddenly, but it is this technique that will allow teenagers to independently think out how the story of teenagers in love and confused will end.

Desperate Autumn, Galina Shcherbakova

High school students become the heroes of Galina Shcherbakova’s story. And let the plot of the book is about love, but about love is completely different — selfish, superficial.

Unfortunately, the behavior of adults (parents, teachers) in the context of the narrative can hardly be called correct, but this is exactly what the writer is trying to achieve. For both adults and young readers, she asks relevant questions: how much do moms and dads know about their children? Are they always ready to lend a helping hand to them? Are you always ready to understand and accept?

«Beautiful repeater», Valeria Alekseeva

Usually love comes unexpectedly. You seem to be minding your own business, for example, studying at school, when suddenly you begin to pay attention to your classmate. This happened to Igor, the hero of this book. Despite the arrogance and obstinacy of Sonya’s classmate, he still falls in love with the girl and undertakes to help her in her studies. However, not everyone is happy with such love. Igor’s parents do not support him and the boy decides to introduce Sonya to his older brother in order to find support in his person. A story about school love, which is not without fears and doubts.

«You never dreamed», Galina Shcherbakova

In Soviet times, this book became a cult one, but it will not hurt modern children to get acquainted with it.

The plot is based on the love story of the boy Roma and the girl Yulia (the names are a tribute to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet), who have to go through many obstacles on the way to their tender and touching feeling. And here everything is the same as in life: against parents, against society, against school, against distance. The ending of the story, although open, sets in a positive way. To complete the picture of what is happening will help watching the Soviet film of the same name, based on the story.

«My Love», Astrid Debord

Everyone has secrets, and moms are no exception. One day, little Lyova finds out that her mother has one big secret. This book is about unconditional love. She will help children understand that they are always loved, and mothers will take a fresh look at relationships with children. The illustrations are elegant and concise, capturing attention, but at the same time leaving the opportunity to enjoy the text. The author managed to create an almost perfect book in order to talk about parental love with both adults and children.


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