When it comes to household vacuum sealers, there are two types of people. For some, this is a trinket, which makes no sense even to pay attention. And others consider their home vacuum cleaner almost the best purchase in recent times. In fact, if you make the right choice, this household appliance will perform its functions properly, but you should not expect miracles from them.

In this article, we will tell you about why they use a vacuum cleaner for the home and what functions you should pay attention to.

Why buy a vacuum sealer

Extending the shelf life of food. Since the product ceases to actively contact with oxygen, the reproduction of bacteria in it slows down. Products retain their natural taste and smell for a long time, do not rot, do not age … The shelf life in the refrigerator increases at least 2-3 times.

Maintaining freshness and appearance. Products packed in a vacuum bag do not get weathered and do not dry out, they practically do not change their color. Therefore, vacuuming is so important when storing meat delicacies, cold meats, cheeses, confectionery, fruits and herbs. For example, in the field of trade, the most transparent film and foil substrates are used to increase the attractiveness of the product.

Protection against mixing odors. During storage, many products can lose their own valuable aroma or absorb the smells of other products. Tea, coffee, bread, dry mushrooms, spices, seafood are typical «clients» of a vacuum sealer.

Moisture protection. Vacuum packaging allows you to keep the «nervous» products dry. Therefore, pasta, flour, salt, sugar, fructose are often soldered. By the way, inedible items also quite often fall under the film. For example, tourists and fishermen usually vacuum matches, socks, documents, dry fuel, tablets, cartridges, gunpowder before going out into the countryside… Vacuum packaging is a great way to preserve paper money before burying it in the garden (in banking — The usual thing).

Gentle fruit freezing. If you freeze fruits and berries in vacuum bags, then their fibers will not “freeze” and will retain a more attractive appearance by the time of use.

Insect protection. Creating an impenetrable barrier for small bugs is very difficult, but a vacuum sealer will help us with this. Sealing even without air pumping is very relevant for flour, nuts, dried fruits, pasta and various cereals.

Portion. We are talking about pre-assembled blanks for specific dishes. It can be cutting vegetables or ready-made dressing for borscht or, say, a set of spices for one pot of fish soup.

It can be any ready-made dish for a given number of people, which will be stored in proper sanitary conditions until distribution.

Cooking. Vacuum packaging in a bag is excellent for pre-salting lumpy meat before cooking sausages. Using containers, you can marinate meat products or fish very quickly (if the device has the appropriate function).

Organization of space. When the vacuum cleaner is working, the object sealed in the bag is quite strongly compressed. It remains clean and undamaged during storage, especially if a reinforced “barrier” film is used for packaging.

Features and Useful Functions

When choosing a vacuum sealer for your home, pay attention to its functionality.

Vacuuming moisture-containing products. Moisture in the process of pumping out air comes out with it and can enter the weld zone, which is why the bag is not welded. In severe cases, water can enter the pump and damage it. Therefore, tubeless degassers with the Moist food function are especially in demand, which involves sealing temperature control — in fact, automatic correction (increase) of welding time is carried out in order to overcome problems from moisture that has entered the seam.

Ability to work with soft products. When the maximum vacuum is reached, delicate products can be severely deformed during the vacuuming process. Therefore, for example, for soft ready-made dishes, desserts or for fruits such as raspberries, grapes, strawberries, the “gentle food” function will be useful, providing less intensive air extraction.

Connection to containers, plugs and lids. Many tubeless vacuum sealers can be connected to various removable chambers using the supplied hose. These can be: plastic vacuum containers, special bottle caps, caps for jars with a valve, etc. The use of such devices allows you to store wet foods and liquids without any problems.

Manual or «pulse» mode. The effect of gentle packaging of delicate and moist products is achieved by using manual air evacuation. The user monitors the process of shrinking the product with a film and, using a button, stops the process if moisture approaches the seam, or if the product begins to flatten — all that remains is to seal the bag. This «magic» button may be called «pulse» (pulse mode).

Built-in knife and storage compartment. This will make life easier for you, because the roll will always be at hand and you can create bags of the size you need for any food you store.

Household vacuum sealers, first of all, are chosen by power and productivity, but it is equally important to pay attention to the characteristics of the weld. The advantages of a home vacuum cleaner include protection against moisture ingress, protection against overheating, several modes of air pumping.

We recommend that you pay attention to the vacuum sealer brand BoomVacuum, it includes all the features listed above. In addition to it, we recommend using vacuum bags on a roll. We have produced the most popular size that will give you the pleasure of sharing as the roll can be placed in the storage compartment and with a cutter cut the roll to the size you need to fit any food you store.

We wish you a pleasant use!

With care, the BoomVacuum team.


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