To create an original and bright image, you will have to be creative. There is a universal solution that will suit almost any figure — Brazilian panties. What are the features and secret with such an exotic name? Let’s figure it out.

Brazilian swimming trunks are …

The Brazilian model embodies the main advantages of closed slips, almost completely covering the buttocks, and seductive bikinis, the thin thread of which exposes all the charms of the figure for all to see. They open the ass halfway, demonstrating its beauty, but leaving room for fantasy play.

How to choose brazilian panties

When choosing the perfect Brazilian panties, you definitely need to take into account the features of your own figure. If you foresee all the nuances, you will be able to perfectly model the silhouette. And so, the main recommendations are as follows:

1. Wide hips will perfectly brighten up monophonic Brazilian-style swimming trunks, especially if you combine them with a colorful or bright bodice. Black models look the most advantageous, providing an additional slimming effect.

2. Narrow hips can be brought closer to the reference parameters. To do this, look for swimming trunks with a horizontal print or voluminous decor.

3. Short legs will help to lengthen the Brazilian with a medium or high fit. High cutouts on the hips are also welcome. But it is better to refuse models with a low fit and wide side parts. They do not add beauty.

4. Long slender legs give you the opportunity to choose absolutely any Brazilian panties. In this case, there are no restrictions. Whatever you wear, everything will look chic.

In order for the Brazilian to effectively emphasize the appetizing and sophistication of the figure, it is extremely important to choose the right size. It must fit perfectly. And for this, consider two main parameters — waist circumference and hip circumference. You should not focus on the parameters of the previous year, because the female figure tends to change. It is better to measure them just before buying swimming trunks. So it will be possible to stop the choice on the most suitable model, which will not squeeze the figure, while being perfectly fixed on the body.

What color Brazilian panties are most suitable for representatives of different color types of appearance:

1. Winter — he is characterized by a light face and contrasting dark hair. In this case, swimming trunks of blue, emerald, burgundy, purple, blue and pink shades are ideal. Warm tones are also welcome, only yellow, green and brown colors should be excluded. The most advantageous on such girls look monophonic models without drawings.

2. Spring — this color type is distinguished by a combination of light, wheaten, golden or amber hair with fair skin with an attractive blush. The eyes are usually light. Gentle natural shades will help to shade the beauty of these girls most successfully: light blue, turquoise, pink, cherry, lilac. You need to avoid white and black swimming trunks. They are too contrasty.

3. Summer — brown hair is combined with light olive or pink skin. Light shades are recommended for this color type: aquamarine, lilac, yellow, purple, gray, blue. You will have to give up bright green and orange swimming trunks.

4. Autumn — red-brown hair with golden tints in combination with light or dark skin provides a warm visual effect. In this case, swimming trunks in chocolate brown, beige, mustard, red, sand tones are suitable. It is better to exclude pink, blue, and also gray colors.

Who are brazilian panties for?

This model is perfect for both girls with perfect shapes and those who have not tortured themselves all winter in the gym, but they also do not mind showing off on the beach. Brazilian panties slightly open the ass on the sides, which visually gives it a roundness and a seductive taut look. Due to the V-shaped back of the bottoms, the width of the hips is a little hidden, so this model is recommended for girls with an excessively lush bottom. It is also ideal for the fair sex, suffering from the fact that their butt is too flat.


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