A sedentary and sedentary lifestyle is the lot of not only adults who work all day in the office, but also children. In the sitting position, the spine and internal organs suffer due to changes in their natural position, deterioration of blood circulation and lymph outflow, muscle load while keeping the spine in a level position, and pinched nerve endings. These factors lead to pain and deterioration of the general condition, not to mention possible diseases. A special “bridge” simulator, created to relax the back, will help to resolve the situation. Let’s consider it in more detail.

Bridge for the back — what kind of simulator is it

The bridge design was conceived by a British physiotherapist. The original name is “Waist Relax Mate”. The simulator was intended to reduce pain, stretch and relax enslaved back muscles, straighten the spine, and improve blood circulation.

The design of different manufacturers may vary, basically, it is a plastic simulator on a rigid support, sometimes with massage elements on a flexible arc.

Benefits of an orthopedic bridge for the back

— Relaxes the muscles of the back, reduces excessive tension in any part of the spine.
— Improves posture.
— Relieves spasms, pinching, pain.
— Improves blood circulation.
— Reduces puffiness.
— Rehabilitates the condition of the spine after injuries.
— Contributes to the prevention of diseases of the spine.
— Reduces the unpleasant consequences of osteochondrosis, sciatica, traumatic brain injury, intercostal neuralgia.
— Relieves headaches.
— Eliminates insomnia.
— Improves well-being and increases mobility.


— Arthritis.
— Spondylolysis.
— Spondylosis.
— Osteoporosis.
— Fractures.
— Inflammatory processes.
— Open wounds.
— Tumors.

How to use the bridge trainer correctly

Lying down

1. Place the simulator on the floor and slowly, bending your knees, take a lying position on the bridge, in which the pelvis should touch the floor, and the beginning of the lumbar region should take a natural deflection on the simulator.
2. Hands can be brought behind the head, if the back is comfortable, you can straighten your knees.
3. If the design involves changing the angle, adjust the bridge to the initial level — the lowest position.
4. Relax on the simulator from 2 to 5 minutes a day, no more.

In a sitting position

1. Install the bridge in an upright position on a car seat, sofa or workspace, taking the natural curve.
2. No time limit.


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