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Countess Anna Trustsova is in touch!

These shorts will not leave anyone indifferent!

The first mention of this kind of products was in the late 1800s!

Used such cowards as protection. A special sink was inserted in front. At the back of the shorts there were 2 elastic bands: a belt and a bottom of the buttocks. On the front was a piece of fabric in the shape of a triangle.

They were also used as a summer version of shorts, as they Comfortable because they don’t get too hot! They do not allow overheating in the groin.

From myself I would like to add that I did not expect such interest in these shorts. Should have made them much sooner! The results are amazing. During the first month of sales on all sites, they were ordered more than 100 times. However, I did not have time to make them any advertising.

Packed in an AMAZING beautiful box!!!


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