The coronavirus has taken people by surprise. But forewarned is forearmed. Previously, not every one of us thought about the question of where to put the child, if suddenly we (as parents or guardians) were urgently admitted to the hospital. But now this problem has become especially acute, revealing gaps in our knowledge about behavior in force majeure situations.

Parents and guardians will come to the aid of a memo that will come in handy not only in a situation with coronavirus, but also in general when hospitalized for any reason. However, in the first case, the algorithm of actions will be the most relevant, since in the regime of strict self-isolation and quarantine, not even all relatives or family friends have the opportunity to take the baby to them for a while.

Where to go if there is no one to leave the child with

So, you found out that you are hospitalized. The actions of the parent or guardian should depend on whether the hospitalization is planned or emergency.

emergency hospitalization
Follow these steps in order so you don’t get confused or forget anything.

one. Tell your doctor right awaythat you have a minor child who has no one to leave with. Tell the doctor where he is now (for example, if he is in kindergarten or with a nanny) and your home address. Also, parents from Moscow can call 112 (rescue service) or 051 (City round-the-clock service).

2. At the request of a parent or guardian, the doctor must immediately report the situation to the local guardianship authorities by phone. There, the issue of further actions is urgently discussed with specialists.

3. Immediately after the guardianship and guardianship authorities receive a signal that the parent or guardian is hospitalized, and the baby is left alone, specialists go to the named address together with the police. It is decided on the spot where to place the child next. Sometimes a baby is allowed to stay in a medical facility with a parent, especially if the hospital is equipped with guest rooms and generally has conditions suitable for a temporary stay of a child. And, of course, if being in an institution is safe for him. If it is not possible to identify the baby to relatives or friends (especially if they simply do not exist), then the child will most likely be assigned to a temporary institution. It can be a rehabilitation or family center, where social protection workers, educators, teachers or volunteers will always be with the child.

four. Be sure to find out the number to contact the child. The parent has every right to always be in touch with him and monitor his movements, starting from the threshold of his own apartment.

5. As soon as you issue an extract, come back for the baby!

Given the current situation with coronavirus, it is worth remembering: if parents are taken away with suspicion of this diagnosis, then the child will most likely be sent for examination first.

Planned hospitalization

If a parent or guardian is scheduled for hospitalization, then the question “with whom to leave the child” should be taken care of in advance. In this case, the algorithm of actions will be as follows:

one. Contact your local family center. As for the capital, there are similar institutions in every district. If we talk about the Moscow region and the regions, then you should contact the local guardianship and guardianship authorities, which will offer options for the temporary stay of the offspring.

2. Gather a package of documents. First of all, you will need a birth certificate of the child or his passport (if the child has reached the age of 14), and representatives — a document on the right of guardianship. Also, local guardianship authorities may ask you to attach a referral for planned hospitalization.

3. After processing the documents, professionals contact the parent or guardian, find out the circumstances of the situation, the duration of hospitalization and the wishes of the parent (perhaps the child is asthmatic or he needs to be given medication every day at a certain time). After that, the child moves to a temporary institution.

four. After discharge, a parent or guardian can pick up a child at any time.

When placing a child in a family center, parents do not have to worry about him. In these institutions, he is fully provided, including regular food, clothing, bedding, hygiene items and medicines (on demand). Children are always in touch with their parents, and, in addition, they are provided with a variety of leisure activities.

If a child is hospitalized

No less questions arise for parents or guardians when the child himself is hospitalized. Of course, moms and dads are immediately going to take off with him. But is it possible to do this now, in turbulent times, when the coronavirus is raging? Will the parents be allowed to go to the hospital with the child or will they be sent home to continue to «sit out» self-isolation?

As for the current epidemiological situation, there are no official orders regarding the stay of parents or guardians with children. This means that the old law is in force, and he is completely on the side of his parents. According to the law (Federal Law of November 21, 2011 No. 323-FZ “On the Basics of Protecting the Health of Citizens in the Russian Federation”), in a medical institution, together with a minor child, has the right to be one legal representative or family member (up to the elder sister, aunt or grandfather). However, his stay absolutely free regardless of how long the child is hospitalized.

If a child is hospitalized with suspected coronavirus, then the parents, as those in contact with him, are likely to be hospitalized at the same time in the same institution and in the same ward. Exceptions may be subject to availability and the general condition of the child. However, according to parents who have already experienced a similar situation, they try not to separate children and parents for the entire period of quarantine and treatment.

The material was prepared on the basis of the official portal of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the City of Moscow.


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