Compact, plastic and odorless LED strips can be installed almost anywhere. A huge range of colors gives unlimited possibilities in the lighting design of the room. Thanks to these characteristics, the tape solves a wide range of tasks. We will tell you in more detail which ones.

The very configuration of the LED strip gives room for imagination: it is easy to equip geometric extended light sources in the room, on all kinds of reliefs and original designs with the tape. Illumination of the contour, decorative elements and lighting of the working area with such tapes looks especially impressive. Thanks to the controller, you can connect a dynamic backlight that changes the color scheme and light intensity. Any plain LED strip can be customized to a palette that plays with all the colors of the rainbow, both warm and cold shades. Apeyron Electrics LED strip has a long service life — more than seven years.

LED is a tricky business!

Before proceeding with the installation, it is important to treat the working surface of the walls and degrease them for applying the LED strip. Our LED strip has a strong 3M adhesive. We do not recommend using additional rough fastening materials, such as nails or self-tapping screws, when mounting the tape. They can damage structures. For LEDs over 10 W / m, it is worthwhile to pre-fix an aluminum profile to the wall surface to remove heat. When choosing a power supply for mounting the tape, calculate the power based on 1 m of the product and multiply by the total length (it is better to take with a margin of 20%). The controller will have the same characteristics.

Upgrade for the lazy!

To remotely control the glow mode, install the controller. Compact mini-controllers are mounted in an aluminum profile, where the LED strip is already located. Often this option is chosen for the installation of decorative elements, but their price is much higher.

What do the experts recommend?

When designing a lighting system, you need to rely on a range of colors. On the packaging in the description of the LED strip, the glow temperature will be marked; the higher the Kelvin value, the colder the light will be. Another point that will help determine the footage of the product is the brightness of the glow, in characteristics in lumens / meter. It is important to remember that the tape can be cut at strictly marked points; the marks necessary for this are located along the entire length of the product. The size of the tape segments will depend on the frequency of the location of the light elements (from and to).

We recommend using Apeyron Electrics brand LED strip accessories.

Man has not yet come up with another light source that can reproduce such a rich palette of color temperatures as an LED strip!


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