Pain is an integral part of every athlete’s life. In the pursuit of doing even better, even stronger, even faster, injuries often happen. And along with them — and new obstacles to the perfect result and achievement of the goal. To cope with them and find the perfect balance between hard training and good health, CBD oil (CBD) helps.

CBD (CBD) is one of 100 chemical compounds (called cannabinoids) obtained from the cannabis (hemp) plant. This is not another name for cannabis and not some artificially created drug. This is the second main substance of cannabis, extracted from the plant naturally without the use of chemicals.
The component was first discovered in 1940. But only now, after lengthy research and experience, ordinary buyers and athletes have become aware of it. In America, the substance is actively used in various fields. It is included in painkillers, some non-alcoholic cocktails and even sauces.

The cannabinoid is gaining more and more popularity in the sports industry. Like THC, CBD has powerful pain-relieving and restorative effects. But these substances have a significant difference: CBD does not affect the psyche, which is extremely important for athletes of all directions.

What do studies say about CBD oil?

CBD has long been used for relaxation and insomnia. But recent studies have shown that the spectrum of action of this cannabinoid is much wider. So, animal experiments confirm that the negative effects of traumatic brain injuries are significantly reduced if CBD oil is used immediately after the injury. Therefore, this tool should be kept on hand by representatives of combat sports.
The World Anti-Doping Agency also received positive research results. WADA does not prohibit CBD (the drug was removed from the list of prohibited substances in 2018). The permission to use this product is already actively used by MMA fighters, football players, athletes and not only.

The main properties of the cannabinoid

The widespread use of CBD among athletes is explained by the fact that this drug:

• Has an anti-inflammatory effect.
Incorrect or heavy loading can lead to inflammation of the joints or muscles. Under natural conditions, it can take several days, during which it is not recommended to conduct full-fledged training. CBD oil, on the other hand, accelerates the recovery of joints and muscles, allowing you to continue exercising.

• Eliminates pain.
The same inflammation, muscle strain or improper load can lead to pain. CBD oil almost instantly eliminates them, returning the athlete to full productivity.

• Struggles with anxiety.
Initially, CBD was used specifically to combat insomnia and stress. Now it is actively used by athletes for the same purposes. Cannabinoid oil helps to cope with stress, to concentrate on the important. This is especially true for athletes suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Oil will help to recover from a complex injury and return to big sport.

• Helps maintain weight.
Studies show that CBD helps control appetite and, as a result, maintain weight at the desired level.

CBD does not give strength, does not improve activity, endurance. His task is different. It reduces the recovery time after injuries, normalizes the general condition. As a result, the athlete is ready for training or an important game.

And, most importantly, can give everything at the same time at 100%.
Proper use of CBD also contributes to its accumulation in the fat cells of the body. Due to this, the athlete forms a “strategic reserve” of CBD, which may be needed during serious sports meetings or significant training.

CBD (CBD) is considered one of the safest drugs for athletes. For example, in comparison with the same NSAID, it does not cause the risk of kidney damage with prolonged use, and also does not provoke the occurrence of a heart attack, stroke. Moreover, the side effects of CBD are possible only if an inadequately large amount of oil is taken. They can be presented only with slight drowsiness or diarrhea. The drug does not have any clouding of the mind, deterioration of coordination and more serious consequences. Therefore, it can be used even before direct training, the game.
Unlike opioids, CBD is not addictive even with regular use. Yes, its action is not so strong and fast. But with prolonged and frequent pain relief, cannabinoids show themselves to be much more effective, and, most importantly, much safer. In this case, the risk of drug addiction and its consequences is reduced to zero.
CBD — act without pain

Numerous studies and comments from athletes confirm that CBD oil is a much better alternative for the same NSAIDs and opioids, which is highly effective with maximum safety. It helps to cope with pain, as well as emotional stress, and return to full-fledged training, regardless of what injuries were received the day before. The main thing is to give preference to a high-quality product, strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for dosage and always keep the drug on hand.

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