Changeable weather: a strong piercing wind and at the same time a bright, warm sun, which is already quite warm, puts us every morning before a choice:

— dress warmly or give preference to spring freedom and lightness?

— it will be hot?

— And if it blows — will I get sick?

During the day, in warm clothes that were worn at the beginning of spring, it becomes hot. Want to loosen up. Throw off the winter burden, become lighter and take off on the wings of a vein to new victories.

Rather send winter to the far corner of the wardrobe!

But, this spring warmth is deceptive and insidious: the wind blew, the sun hid, it became chilly and uncomfortable. And if the heating has already been turned off in the office, will it freeze again?

It is important to choose the right second layer of clothing. Then the jacket or coat can be lighter, and the room will be comfortable.

A thick oversized sweatshirt — article 55568583 — made of 3-thread cotton footer, will easily cope with this task. On the wrong side, between the diagonal loops, an additional layer of air is formed, which in the best way retains heat. The loose fit of the sweatshirt enhances the effect. Cotton is known to be a natural breathable material that naturally maintains a comfortable body temperature and does not float.

A cozy burgundy sweatshirt from the Russian brand ToNiKi Style will add bright colors to your wardrobe, which are so lacking in spring.

Do not put the sweatshirt in a drawer when the season changes, but wear it all year round. Comfortable in winter, demi-season, cool summer day or evening.

The sweatshirt is suitable for both girls and men, it is a unisex model.

Ahead of the May holidays, barbecues, mass celebrations, trips to visit and out of town, where a cotton sweatshirt will be as relevant as possible.

Tip: if you are going out of town, consider comfortable trousers with a stitched arrow — article 41130107,

or an insulated version — article 55605765 — perfectly complement the sweatshirt, warm comfortably and not get tired.

We guarantee quality!

With respect and love ToNiKi Style


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