New parents have a lot of worries, because there are so many things to choose and prepare before the birth of a baby. When it comes to diapers, this is especially important because the baby spends a lot of time in them. If you have already reviewed the reviews and read the recommendations of pediatricians, but it has not become easier, then let’s approach the issue of finding good diapers logically.

Using the example of Merries diapers, we have compiled a simple checklist so that you do not miss anything important and choose the option that will not disappoint. So what makes a really good diaper?

It seems that everything is simple, but as always there are nuances

✔️ Absorbs well and securely retains liquid

And this is its main purpose. If the absorbent component does not work well, you will have to change the diaper after each urination, and the baby’s delicate skin will be in contact with an aggressive environment for a long time. Hence irritation, children’s tears and you are in constant stress.

To keep this from happening as little as possible, Merries diapers use an absorbent gel that absorbs 200-300 times more liquid than it weighs. Even with tangible pressure on the diaper, nothing flows out of it, and the baby’s skin remains dry.

Merries also updated the inner layer for better absorption: larger air cushions in the center of the diaper absorb moisture faster and reduce the contact area with the baby’s skin, while smaller cushions at the edges prevent leaks. And even liquid stools are absorbed much faster and do not spread throughout the diaper.

With Merries, you don’t have to wake your baby up to change a diaper — it’s convenient and will free you up an extra hour of free time.

✔️Does not leak

Soiled clothes and a crying child are immediately -100 points to the already unstable mood of parents, and I want such situations to be as few as possible. Someone will advise you to choose the right size, and he will be right, but this is not always the case.

For example, Merries diapers, in addition to the updated inner surface, also use voluminous frills around the legs and elastic frills on the inside of the back. They fit snugly and prevent leakage, even if you have a very active baby.

To make it easier for you to understand when exactly it is time to change the diaper, there is a filling indicator on the outside. When the 3 yellow stripes in the middle of the diaper turn blue, it’s time.

The absorbent layer is located on the entire surface of the diaper, so Merries are suitable for both boys and girls.

✔️Does not irritate baby’s delicate skin

Different irritations, redness and chafing in babies often occur, but at first they are very frightening for young mothers. With Merries diapers, you will see them less frequently because:

  • all three layers of diapers breathe and remove stale air well, due to which a greenhouse effect occurs inside the diaper, and thereby preventing the appearance of diaper rash on the skin,
  • the inner layer of air cushions is made of soft and pleasant to the touch material,
  • the diaper has soft reusable Velcro with rounded edges that do not rub,

the manufacturer does not use fragrances or lotion impregnations to reduce the risk of allergies.

Even Russian dermatologists, according to the results of a clinical study, recommend Merries diapers as safe.

✔️Another important point

Words are words, but it’s good when young parents have the opportunity to try some options themselves in order to be more precise. So you will not need to rely only on advertising, the words of friends or bloggers.

Conscientious manufacturers understand this, and they release diapers in small packages for testing, and they also hold various promotions so that you do not have to spend too much money on something you are not sure about.


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