Walking around the street without getting out, visiting your grandmother at the dacha, relaxing by the sea… We are sure that at least one of this list is in your child’s plans for the summer. Do you have plans to protect your child from the sun?

In addition to the unconditional benefits — the production of vitamin D, the stimulation of a good mood — the sun also has disadvantages. Staying on it without protection provokes burns, peeling, overheating.

There are several surefire ways to reduce the harmful effects of the sun on your child. Check if you are using them.

Method 1 — teach the child to be in the shade

On the covered veranda, if you are relaxing in the country. In the shade of an umbrella if you are on the beach. And in general, always in a headdress, if it is summer in the yard, and the sun is bright in the sky.

Method 2 — Use sunscreen

This is an especially important assistant on the beach when the body is not covered by clothes. Choose products with SPF 50 and apply them in a thick layer to reduce sun exposure and protect the skin from burns. For use in the city, for example, when walking in the wood, or in partly cloudy weather, you can choose SPF 30-45. This is especially important for children under 3 years of age.

Method 3 — drink enough water

Running, heat and sweets are good reasons to pay special attention to the child’s drinking regimen. Keep an eye on this and take out the little ones to drink in time to avoid dehydration.


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