You can be baptized at any age, but for babies, forty days must have passed from the moment of birth. During this period, the mother of the child is “cleansed”, she can take part in the sacred sacrament, and by this time the child will get stronger and adapt a little to the new environment. It is believed that, having gone through the rite of baptism, a person receives his Guardian Angel, who, like a guiding star, illuminates his path.

The Just Right team has compiled a list of items that will be needed for this important event.


This is the name of the towel in which the child is wrapped after immersion in the font. It is better to choose a fabric that is soft, absorbs moisture well. An obligatory attribute on the roof is an embroidered cross. It is he who testifies to the spirituality of this towel.

Pectoral cross for a child

This is the most important element of baptism. For the first time, the cross can be chosen on a string so that it is easy to put on over the head after the end of the ceremony.

There is a tradition that godparents get a cross. If a girl is baptized, this responsibility rests with the godmother. When a boy is baptized, the father buys the cross. It is best to acquire such an attribute of the sacrament in a church shop, since there all the crosses have already been consecrated.


Christening gowns are sold for both boys and girls.

Clothes are put on the child after bathing and chrismation. Please note that the seams are turned outward, so the baby will be more comfortable. The color of the baptismal garment must be white. This symbolizes the purity and innocence of the baptized.


If the boy is over 3-4 years old, you can do without a bonnet, as men do not need to cover their heads in church. For a girl, be sure to get a scarf. The most comfortable is a hat made of 100% cotton, which the baby will not feel on his head. Gentle, breathable and soft.


Also important for the rite of the sacrament of baptism. The color should be white. Socks should fit neatly on the baby’s leg and not move out.


It will come in handy in order to lay it on a table or a bench when you take off your baby’s clothes and put them on after baptism in the font.

small towel

This towel must be handed over to the minister of the church. It is intended for the priest to wipe his hands during the sacrament. The towel remains for the needs of the temple.


If you are baptizing a baby in the cold season, take a blanket with you. Blanket «Just Just Right» with tenderness will envelop your baby with warmth and love.

A bag for Mother

Parents’ passports and baby’s birth certificate, money for a voluntary donation for the rite of baptism, diapers, wipes, a pacifier, a bottle of milk / mixture / water, a camera to capture precious moments.

With these tips in mind, it will be easy for you to prepare and take with you everything you need for the ordinance of baptism.

Remember that according to the Orthodox tradition, clothes after baptism are by no means thrown away! It is kept throughout the life of the child. Because it has healing power and is a talisman for the baby. During illness, you can wrap a child in it or put clothes under a pillow.

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