It is necessary to prepare for such an important event as childbirth in advance. To be ready for a trip to the hospital, you need to think through all the little things and decide in advance what to take with you.

If you forget something, don’t worry! Everything you need can always be brought to you by loved ones. Things are transferred through the information desk.

The Just Right team has compiled a list of items that will be needed for this important event.

All the things that you will need in the hospital, it is better to decompose in advance into four packages. In the first package, collect all the documents and necessary things for the prenatal department, in the second package — things for the delivery room, in the third — what you and the baby will need after childbirth, in the fourth package — clothes for discharge.

Bag #1. Antenatal department

  1. Folder with documents
  • The passport
  • CHI policy
  • Exchange card
  • Birth certificate (if available)
  • Contract (if childbirth is under contract)
  • Partner test results (if partner birth is coming)
  • Referral to a specialized maternity hospital (if there are pathologies)
  1. Comfortable clothes, bathrobe, nightgown, socks, underwear (several sets to change)
  2. Rubber slippers
  3. Towel
  4. Hygiene items: wet wipes, liquid hand soap, toothbrush and paste, shower gel, washcloth, shampoo, intimate hygiene soap, razor, deodorant, disposable toilet pads, toilet paper (you can take extra wet), comb, hair band, cosmetic bag, disposable diaper for examinations.
  5. Spoon, fork, mug.
  6. Water, snack — you can take any food except perishable.
  7. Phone with charger, headphones, books, magazines.
  8. Empty bag for dirty laundry.
  9. A small amount of money (to buy water, snacks, tissues, etc.).

Bag number 2. birth chamber

You can only take rubber slippers, a phone with a charger and water into the delivery room. You may need compression stockings (check with your doctor).

Bag number 3. Postpartum department

For Mom:

All antenatal units +

  1. Postpartum pads — 2 packs
  2. Disposable panties — 1-2 packs
  3. Breast pads — 1 pack
  4. Notepad, pen — for signing documents
  5. nursing bra
  6. Nightgowns and a gown in the postnatal unit are issued

For a newborn:

  1. Diapers «new born» — 1 pack. The baby needs about 8-10 diapers per day
  2. Baby wipes without perfume and alcohol — 1 pack
  3. Disposable diapers 60×60 — 1 pack. Diapers are useful for changing the baby and examining the mother
  4. Cotton diaper — 2 pcs.
  5. Baby Hypoallergenic Wash
  6. diaper cream
  7. Dummy with container (if necessary)
  8. Clothes for the baby: you should take a set for every day (bodysuit, sliders, slips, anti-scratches, hats with ties). Often clothes are provided at the hospital. The size of clothes for a newborn is 52-56 cm. The size of the hat is 35 cm.

Bag number 4. Extract from the maternity hospital

Usually this bag is not taken with you to the hospital, but left to your husband or relatives who will meet you. If you plan to check out on your own and things do not take up much space, you can put them in bag No. 3 or leave them in the storage room of the maternity hospital in advance.

For Mom: It is more practical to choose a sporty style of clothing or clothes that were comfortable to wear during pregnancy. If you want to look dressy, take a loose-fitting dress, tights and comfortable shoes.

For a child:

  • In summer — diaper, cotton sleepsuit, blanket or terry/fleece overalls (depending on the weather), light cap with ties
  • In autumn and spring, add a demi-season insulated jumpsuit / envelope, a warmer hat to this set
  • In winter, take a warm winter overall/envelope with fur lining, a warm hat.

It is not allowed to take fabric and leather bags with you to the maternity hospital. It is better to distribute things in the maternity hospital in large dense plastic bags (bags from the supermarket will do) or purchase plastic transparent bags. The convenience of such bags is that they are very roomy, close with a zipper, and the contents of the bag are always in sight.

Just Right clothing was created by the Novikov family for millions of happy families.

It takes into account all the physiological characteristics of the child and perfectly adapts to his daily life.


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